Day 13

 Day 13


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  2. Bridget | | Reply

    Nice Message man of God, may the lord increase u in every aera of your life

  3. Catherine Ellaway | | Reply

    Hey Bruce- some “monsters” that we have had in our lives do have long-lasting consequences. Some of the choices that we have made in the past that may have been wrong, do have long last effects on our lives today in some way. However, there are others that we can have control over and do the best we can to deal with them.

  4. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    I call the “monsters within me my shadow parts, and have realised over the years that once the are befriended that they lose the power over me. And yes, they keep popping up wearing another face until gradually they become the light of truth…and as Jesus tells me ;the truth will always sett me free as I now have been given the power to forgive myself.

  5. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Once again thank you Bruce for your insight. I certainly can relate to past monsters in my life that concerned me at the time but not anymore…Raymond

  6. Angeline | | Reply

    My “monsters” have imprisoned me. Harmless as it may be. I have allowed it to imprison me.

  7. Maria | | Reply

    There is only one Power. God. Because I and my Father are one, a listening attitude is needed. Life is a giving process rather than a getting one. A heart full of love for God will find no fear, no monsters. Give up the belief that you are apart from God and , eventually, some sense of conviction comes with the realiation of “peace be still”. When we see railroad tracks come together we know it as a false and limited view of perfectly placed tracks. Therefore, “love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you (Mat 5:44 You cannot be made to suffer from anything OTHER than your separation from God and Jesus.

  8. Pat Graham | | Reply

    You surely hit the nail on the head with this one; I have so many monsters to let let go. Pat

  9. Elizabeth | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce! Today’s talk landed at the right time for me as one of those monsters really bothers me from time to time! I’ll be listening again to your liberating talk as I am so grateful for what you are doing! Lots of thanks… Elizabeth

  10. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the message about those monsters in our lives that we allow to have power over us which in reality are harmless. The past mistakes, the regrets and the desire to set right the wrongs committed. I have my fair share that I need to let go of and the Lord is graciously showing me despite my stubborness. Bruce you are so right to say that just as you let go of one monster God shows you another one. It’s encouraging to know that we develop a deeper relationship with Jesus as we travel this journey in Lent with Him. Little by little we change Lord with Your help let me not be impatient.

  11. Lynda | | Reply

    Hello Bruce, you have given us food for thought. Thank you Bruce for your daily messages. Really inspiring.

  12. Samantha | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce I needed to hear this. I tend to let things from my past or just small negative things get to me and put me down. Through this Lenten Season, I pray that I let go of all my fears and doubts but trust Jesus as I walk with him and hear his call.

  13. Christina | | Reply

    I thought keeping monsters kept you humble and helped you to remember what we didn’t want to do again or anymore. I feel the only person who can let go of my monsters is my ultimate forgiveness from God. I don’t feel like I’m being honest if I just drop them like they didn’t matter anymore.

  14. Tommy | | Reply

    Bruce, thank you for the opportunity to join this Lenten Journey with you. The beauty of the world helps the monsters of my past dissipate and my relationship with God less complicated. Bless you and Thank You, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  15. Cristina | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for today prayer and meditation.I feel that this video is helping me to discover parts of myself that I didn’t know that stop me from grow with Jesus, because of the monsters in my life that don’t allow me to be free. Help me Lord to get rid of all this harmless things of my past that don’t permit me live a peaceful life with ^You in order to be the person that You want me to be

  16. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you for another great message Bruce

  17. Tiwiya | | Reply

    What a powerful message Bruce! May God continue blessing you – and everyone in the TCG team – with more of the Holy Spirit.

  18. Ann | | Reply

    Just for me today…I am working on the monsters daily and what a hard time having. Thanks for the analogy…it was just for me
    today. Sorry to the rest of you guys! :)

  19. Rosie | | Reply

    so true about the memories and a lot of things I regret not doing and things I should have done.

  20. celia | | Reply

    Bruce this message is exactly what my heart needed to hear today, thank you.

  21. Thelma | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the beautiful message. God bless you always.

  22. Lindy | | Reply

    Well said. Every day His Mercies are new & fresh. xxx

  23. karenfac | | Reply

    I call them vain imaginations, still working on letting things go.
    Thank you….there are more of us out here then you realize.

  24. donna giudici | | Reply

    Thank You Bruce this one really hit home, I thank you for all you do God Bless.

  25. Antoinette | | Reply

    Thank you…very enlightening. The monsters that haunt and disturb us, once we gain a distance from them, can be released and later viewed as only a mirage. Even if they are a valid threat, we can chose to simply let go and let God take the wheel.

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