Day 20

 Day 20


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  2. Jeanette Easton | | Reply

    Thank you again Bruce for another beautiful and powerful reflection and my dream and prayer is that God will keep me well and focused to continue to give the service to him that I am now giving and love so much.

  3. michele holborn | | Reply

    Thank you so much for the readings they are helping me to help others. I am trying to help a lady who lived at the back of our home and now in a nursing home and has no one visits her so I go each week to see her.She use to be very rude to me and now she has changed and loves to see me. thank you Michele

    • Linda | | Reply

      Hi Michelle she was prob rude to you because she has been hurt in the past and felt she could not let anyone near her as she would hurt again. You have not only helped her overcome that fear you have given her your friendship and care which I am sure she relishes with the utmost thank fullness. Thank you for being so kind and making a difference for this lady.

  4. Luisa Carey | | Reply

    God bless you Bruce, since the pray for someone you love series you did, I have found a little more peace and you continue to uplift me every day with the lenten talks. Thank you

  5. Deo | | Reply

    Hi Bruce,I am living my dream already,I was in Victoria 2011 and went for a mass where a lady invited me to join the charismatic renewal as a visitor from Nigeria then i had just come in to write my medical exams but at the time it was as if a seed was sown,I went back to my rural clinic(Nigeria) where i always did morning devotion sermons to medical staff and the sick ,a tradition my dad had us do as kids (where we had our days to lead in the morning,with time spent on reading the bible passage and related verses),on getting back to Nigeria i joined the Charismatic renewal because i felt my calling was linked with this group,when i finally immigrated with my family in 2013 to Perth we joined the Mother Theresa catholic church and at the time we were offered a clip to indicate the group we wanted to join,though the catholic charismatic renewal was not one of the options i wrote on the clip and submitted.The parish priest (Father Geoff) kept it in mind and looked for a way to form the group,last year May the group was formed and today by God’ grace i lead the group and we continue to grow in spirit and strength to God’s glory.Though to bear the responsibility with my job,but as i will always say “seek ye the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto thee”it is the most important job i have and service to God is the most important duty we all have and like you said its about what each and everyone of us is called to be.

  6. mary | | Reply

    Thank you for you daily insights, I have this little niggle in the back of my mind & have for years, to be with the dying.

  7. Errol | | Reply

    Only to be what He wants me be every moment of every day – my dream is to be true that prayer and when time shall be no more meet Him ‘being all used up’ for Him and nothing preventing that. Thanks Bruce for today.

  8. Stella | | Reply

    Morning Bruce – I believe God has gifted me with the ability to help others… I also pray he will help me to be humble.. Thank you for your Lenten program… This is the 1st year I have been listening to it… I will very much miss it when it finishes… God Bless you…

  9. John | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, Thank You. I have nearly reached the age of 79 and yet Our blessed Lord is encouraging me to grow into the person He wants me to be..
    21 years age Our Blessed Lord gave me a beautiful gift, Since then He has been Teaching me, we are never to old to learn He has shown me, It is
    never to late to learn. Jesus want us to be able to spread the Good News no matter how old we are. jesus said, Came as you are I will Give You rest.
    Thanks you Bruce.



  10. David Massoud | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, I hope and pray that I continue to grow deeper in love and spirit each hour of the day to receive so I can give. I do hope to participate in serving the community in some way, and this Lenten journey is helping me.

  11. Chris | | Reply

    To be a better mum… & one day to have the faith & conviction to bring people closer to Jesus through song.

  12. Wendy | | Reply

    My dream is to be a light to show others the way to God. To my eyes, it doesn’t seem to be working but I believe God is working through me in ways I will never fully know. Thank you Bruce ; I’m so glad you stayed with it and now share your ministry with us. Blessings to you always xo

  13. Noel | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, you put things so simply, which makes the journey so much easier to travel! I am trying desperately to become a better father and role model to me new family of 4 years
    and your messages are always on my mind! I am also trying to get full time work after being casual at the same place for 3 years now. I continue to be always available and take great pleasure in accepting any challenges the company puts in front of me. It will happen, i just need to soldier on!

  14. clare mcdermott rsj | | Reply

    Clare McDermott my DREAM is in my ageing years is to BE for other people. Thank you Bruce for inspiration. C McD

  15. Bridget | | Reply

    Nice 1 man of God

  16. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you for another gorgeous inspirational message and reflection. My dream is to find and job and be successful in it for years to come. Also I would like to find a special man and have a relationship with. I am currently 39 years old. I know that God is keeping me focused and helping me strive to do well and be successful. I know that when no one else believes in me, I know that God believes in me. I know God loves me. I love God.

  17. Marilyn | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your inspiration. I want to be the best Mother and Grandmother I can be by example and giving on my time and unconditional love.

  18. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    There are many things I want to do and be, Father I pray that you will help me know what it is that you want of me and then grant me the courage and faith to do it. Amen Thank you for your words of inspiration, Bruce

  19. Linda | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce your message is very powerful. I believe God wants me to bring peace to those I meet. I have a long way to go before I know I will always say the right thing but my work in floristry keeps me close to nature and the creativity which becomes opens wide possibilities and opportunities not only in my work but also within myself to manage situations with more understanding and calmness. Amen

  20. Pat | | Reply

    My dream is to be able to convince my family members that God loves them – to convince some that there really is a God – to have them accept my beliefs as not just an old fashioned idea – for them to accept that my opinions are just as important as theirs – i am sometimes afraid to upset them when defending my faith when doing so comes to the point of losing contact with them – my dream is to have the strength to continue ‘knocking on God’s door’ praying for their conversion.

    • Leonie Cornell | | Reply

      That is one of my dreams too, Pat, and has been for two years now as a real thing I constantly pray for. I am more courageous in my faith, and speaking out without being too asesertive. I see their need for God constantly. They are beautiful people and they need to know that they are shining in Gods eyes, and do not have to do everything for themselves. Keep up the prayers and be true to yourself and be gentle and loving as you are and that is how they will come to know God through you I am sure. After all, you said you will keep knocking.

  21. Catherine Ellaway | | Reply

    Bruce- I’m just wanting to be the best Mum I can be for my teenage daughter. I know God has given me strength, perseverance guidance and wisdom thus far, and He continues to do so.

    • Michelina | | Reply

      All the best Catherine, as a mum of teenagers I pray for the same thing, especially as social media means such a different world for young people these days. I pray that they will grow up to be good people valuing what is important in life and knowing that God loves them just as they are.

  22. Maria | | Reply

    I pray that I can speak of my faith with confidence and clarity of mind and be able to truly feel that God is right there with me.

  23. brenton | | Reply

    My dream is to change people with my music for the better and give them something or an experience they never would of had and get the opportunity to travel and to also glorify God in my visual art as i study it at university.

  24. Mary | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the inspiring message .My dream is to bring lots of people to God.

  25. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    My dream is to allow God to use me in bringing more of the lost lonely and wounded back to Him….That those who cannot love themselves will discover their value and in so doing will be a channel for our Lord Jesus to move and breathe and have the ability to love without reason by being true to themselves….in the knowing of how each one of us is loved.

  26. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I had a long standing dream before 12 years ago of becoming an artist. I was so driven that I placed this as my number one priority before family and the thing I thought I’d never do, it replaced my Christian faith. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with a cancer in an adenoid and that completely changed the course I was going. I started my search to find God again who could save me. The Lord after 40 years had brought me back to the Catholic faith. I felt I wanted to serve the Lord some way by volunteering my time in a nursing home. Sometimes I think of resuming art but the past falling away from God, my financial situation, the neglect of practicing my skills and my energy levels as I am no longer in my 40’s has discouraged me. Lord God I know that anything is possible with You. I want to be sure that I’m following Your will for my life. Please show me. I ask this Loving Father in the name of Your Son Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, amen.
    Thank you Bruce for such an inspiring message and prayer from the heart. God is using you mightily! Thank You God or our sake.

    • linda | | Reply

      Valerie, perhaps your love of creating art can be utilised bringing happiness and cheer to the people in the Nursing Home. If you ring a nursing home near you and ask if they would like to have you give an art class I feel you will be renewed in spirit and strength. Not only by making others happy but giving them an interest and doing something you love at the same time.

  27. Dicko | | Reply

    Thanks, this has clarified some other comments and thoughts people have input into my life. My dream is to see the Church be all it can, to bring real hope and joy to the world and that its message is brought in a clear and meaningful way so that it can be understood and realised.

  28. Eve | | Reply

    Bruce, I think God is wanting me to change the way I speak, think and act towards my subordinates.

    • linda | | Reply

      Im sure you will now make changes which will enrich your life with this realisation. God bless

  29. Monica Greaves | | Reply

    Thank you very much Bruce. Your talk today was something of a surprise for me given the Scripture reading, “that no prophet is ever accepted in his own country”. Yes, I want to be good for God, I want to be a better wife, mum, grandmother and friend. There is, though, a specific God-given task in my life which I pray will be fulfilled, and that is, the mission of writing. Our Lord tells me ‘our’ writings will be diffused, so I must thank Him and remain trusting.

  30. Suzanne | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your daily messages during Lent. I feel so much more connected
    to God and am applying the readings in my everyday life. I enjoy meeting people and always have had the desire to become a Pastoral associate but feel as though I don’t have the confidence to pursue my dream.

  31. Tony | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, my dream is to get closer to god. Tony god bless.

  32. Jenni H | | Reply

    I’m hoping that God wants me to work with mentally ill people.

  33. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. My dream is to bring people closer to God with inspiring music during our liturgical church services.

  34. Jenetta | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your heartening messages as always. My dream is to construct a health care system for Australia which is an amalgamation of natural and mainstream medical services working together to make people healthier and happier. A system where we stop competing with each other, start listening better, work together and benefit all. It’s a big vision and I need all the help I can get :)

  35. Jenny | | Reply

    I have never had a dream to be anything so I just follow what we learn as Christians and hope that I am going the right way and that God is leading me.
    I love what Mother Teresa sais to a reporter who ask her if she thought her work would be successful. She replies young man God does not call me to be successful he calls me to be faithful.
    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for your daily messages Bruce.

  36. Tommy | | Reply

    Oh, Bruce, my shower is often my sanctuary. I have His Cross hanging from the shower head. God changed my major in college so He could put me in the classroom as a math teacher. He kept me in the classroom for 37 years. When I fully retired, I sat for 2 years asking, “What next?” He brought me and my partner of over 40 years 2 great grand children who live o/s our backdoor in our detached apt with our grandson and wife. He put me in charge of my companion last June as caretaker when my companion found out he had stage 4 metastatic kidney cancer. i care for 18 month old Jaxon and 68 year old Chuck. Puzzling, but I Bless God for sending me this challenging task and I know in my heart God is holding my hand every step of the way during this journey. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  37. Maria | | Reply

    Thank you ,Bruce. I am now, because of listening to you, taking up the leadership of my family.

  38. Walburga | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, love your talks. They are very much appreciated. I am always wondering what God wants me to be. I am not sure at all, but sometimes I have that niggling feeling, that there should be something more in my life and I have no idea what I could be.

  39. Arlene Garcia | | Reply

    Thanks for the insights. My dream is that God may make me his instrument of His Love and Mercy wherever I may be. That He may inspire me to be more like Him Loving and Merciful.

  40. Ann | | Reply

    The best grandpa and grandma that ever came into Oli’s life! To see our little man soon!

  41. Dennis Hooper | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for sharing this great personal story. Your own life shows the truth of your words.

  42. Tim | | Reply

    Thanks. I want to become a motivational speaker incorporating the Gospels, personal experiences and humor. Amen.

  43. Margaret Smith | | Reply

    I thank God for choosing me and my dream is that I may be aware of how much God loves me. I want to put my life in God’s and trust him and not give way to anxiety. Thank you, Bruce. You have been God’s gift to me. Margaret

  44. Dino | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce throughout Lent.
    I Knew of God all my life , but I never knew him as much as I did in the last few mths, thru His Living Spirit in the Bible.

  45. John | | Reply

    Jesus I Trust In You. Thank You For Helping Me. Amen

  46. Jude | | Reply

    I need to give a talk this Friday in our prayer group. This is my first talk. I am even getting opportunity in my company to present our kpi in front of top management. Please please for me.

    • linda | | Reply

      This is just the start Jude, just be yourself. I used to have a fear of reading out loud in a group then my best friend asked me to read at her wedding. I now read regularly at Mass and enjoy it immensely. God Bless

  47. Shirley | | Reply

    Bruce: I fell my gift was the gift of counsel. But, now he is leading me down a different path. I’m not sure what to make of it.
    I love your talks. Wish after lent, you would do one once a month.
    My church ladies, still come up to me and, we have a little talk either after Mass or Stations
    I give you peace and love for you to hold on to…..Then send it out over the airways, for all to grab.

  48. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    I am admitting by writing this, that I somehow missed yesterdays message without realising. I did spend time with God and with others who needed me, so all was not lost. However, it my joy to have the time to look at both todays and yesterdays as I gain so much from them each day. My dream is to be part of an impact group to keep on growing and learning and to reach out to others who need love as God directs me. I also love to travel and I have met some wonderful people who have taught me and also who I have been able to share with and gain a perspective of life that is different to my Australian middle class mostly English background. That has been so enlightening. That desire for travel is still with me and so I am continuing although restricted by funds when I am led to do so.

  49. carmel lando | | Reply

    great work Bruce I am enjoying the lenten talks I became a cathecist in state schools 34 years ago I now understand whynor what has compelled me to keep this task going. I find this is a priority fist in mind after family and now have started a second school to attend for christian education.I pray this ia continjued in state schools in Qld. as I hear they have stopped R.I. in state schools in Victoria

  50. CLAUDIA MERKLER | | Reply

    I pray I can set an example for our children and grand children to strive to take a positive journey to heaven.

  51. donna giudici | | Reply

    Thank you again Bruce, my dream is to have Gods help to continue to help people in any small or large task, I love the happy feeling my heart has when I help people. God Bless.

  52. PIUS THEKEMURY | | Reply


  53. Michele Beglau | | Reply

    I am a nurse and I love what I do. God has blessed me and helped me to be amazing in this profession. My first love and what I still dream of being is a writer. I just don’t do it I have several ides I just need to do it. I pray to get moving I pray he will move me. In gratitude for his love and these talks.

  54. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    My dream is to live my christian life the best I can and to be a light for others. To reject evil and ve close to Goad at all be merciful like Jesus and humble. To learn how fo listen before I speak. To be obedient to the wishes of god even when the world sees me as different person

  55. Jenetta | | Reply

    Hi Michele. I am an author and write for wellbeing blog. Just start. Just write. Spill it out there and get your brainstorming on paper. Then you can go from there. You don’t have to be good at writing. You can get it edited by people after you got the main ideas out there. Just do it. Blessings girl :)

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