Day 21

 Day 21


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the courage you have inspired to take the risk and proceed to the next level.

  2. Kevin Kriel | | Reply

    Jesus,hold me in the palm of your hand as I step out in faith with the knowledge of your omnipresence Amen.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Kevin I have prayed for you today. Bruce

  3. Charis | | Reply

    Blessings, brother Bruce from down south in the tip of Texas. I learned of your Lenten journey e-mail program thru a co-worker/friend. I was able to start the Lenten season with your reflections as I also do other e-mail reflections like yours. I look forward daily to listen and momentarily have you come on to enlighten me with the scripture readings followed with your sharing of your own personal journey and reflections. Thank you for ministry to enlighten all of us who seek growth in Faith and spirituality and a close encounter with our Lord Jesus. This Lenten season you have been an important element to my endeavor with Jesus.
    Be blessed in Jesus.and our Blessed Mother Mary who always prays for us.

  4. Bob | | Reply

    I need to trust God plan for me for me. I need to trust that I can do it for God, I need to trust that God will heal my dear wife in his time and not my time.also I need to trust that God will somehow win back our children to see his will for each of them. That is my prayer each and every day.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Bob I have prayed for you today. They are similar to mine. Bruce

  5. Brigita | | Reply

    Jesus I’m going to trust you to navigate through this journey of life, all the hard bits so that your joy will be real to me at a deeper level that it will not be through striving, but as natural as breathing. You are the author of my life and you love me. Help me to live as one who is loved deeply and trust that you will never let me down. In Jesus name, Amen

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Amen. I join you in they prayer. Bruce

  6. Adam | | Reply

    I need to trust God in relation to my work. Lead me to where I need to be

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Please God. Amen. Bruce

  7. John | | Reply

    Jesus I trust in You, Please toke me to a deeper level of trust,.Help me to open Your Word.
    Help me to grow deeper into Your Sacred Heart. Lord Jesus, You have being guiding me
    into Your Blessed Love and Peace. Even now I struggle what to do Your will when some thing
    come’s up which is hard, Lord Jesus please guide me in what I have to do and my Lord I
    do not know which way to turn? How to have this young man who has many problems.
    Lord Jesus please help me, Lord Jesus he was staved for oxygen at birth it has left him
    very disabled in his mental capacity and he does not realize when the eat weight is killing
    him self with his weight 180kg.. Please Lord Jesus not my will but Your will be done this I ask in
    Jesus Holy Name so You Father will be Glorified through His Son. I Thank Lord for
    answering my prayer I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. All Glory and Praise to the
    Father Almighty, All Glory and Praise to Jesus Christ His Son, All Glory and Praise to the
    Holy Spirit, All Three in one, All thrice Holy as it was, in the beginning is now, forever
    and ever. Amen. Jesus I Trust in You please deepen My Faith and Wisdom so You will
    Glorify through Your Son Jesus…

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Amen. Bruce

  8. Rachel | | Reply

    Dear heavenly father, only you know what each day holds. Help me to put my complete trust in you each and every day and not try to do it all on my own. I know you are calling me to greater things, but that road is hard and scary and means that I have to swallow my pride. Lord I surrender all my concerns and fears to you. I hand them all to you and trust that I am enough. I trust that you will heal my heart and mend my relationships. I trust that you will walk with me and hold my hand each step of the way in my faith and sharing that with others. I trust that you will provide when things are tough. Lord jesus, I love you and need you. You are the only friend who can completely understand my problems and who will listen with a loving, kind and unbiased ear and point me in the right direction thank you for being there each and every day. Amen

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Beautiful. Amen. Bruce

  9. Charlene Apollos | | Reply

    This is so right for today as I need to trust God in my job. That will place me in the place He desires for me to be as I am looking for change. I also need to trust Him for healing as I have had on-going issues with my right leg due to injury. I need to trust that He is the all powerful God taking care of all our needs.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Lord, hear this prayer of Charlene. Amen. Bruce

  10. Jenni | | Reply

    Lord I trust You in the broken family relationships area of my life, my unwillingness to connect with friends, my finances and my inabilities to make decisions, Thank You for Your help.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Please bless Jenni. I stand with her in this prayer. Bruce

      • Rachel | | Reply

        Dear lord God, please heal jennie’s heart and lead her on the road of restoration and loving relationships. Please help her to accept herself and her family and lean on you when times are tough as only you know the journey that each one of us need to follow to discover a deeper spiritual love, understanding and acceptance. Amen

  11. Irene | | Reply

    Father God, I surrender my two daughters and grandchildren to you. Lord, I give You this situation… My hope is in You and You alone.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      I pray this for Irene, all of our families and mine as well. In Jesus name. Bruce

  12. Lea | | Reply

    Lord God, I trust you with my business and with my finances. I trust you will send me the right people and I trust you will give me the confidence and belief to break through to the higher level and purpose.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Lea this is what God is asking of me right now. I stand with you in this prayer. Bruce

  13. gloria | | Reply

    Dear God,as i travel with you in this Lenten season, I will put my trust in you in my relationship with my family,trusting you to help me stick my wish to reform and not fall back again and again to the same mistake that i had done in the past few years. I trust in you in giving way to my son find his courage to face challenges that he is anxious for. I trust that what i am asking you in my petition prayer will be granted soon and it will make up all the big difference in my future . I trust that you will touch the heart of my husband on his journey of fate and enlighten me always of my responsibilities towards our life together. I trust that you will be looking after my mother and my family that lives far from me, my sister’s family that lives closer with me too.. I trust you that whatever happens in my life is all part of your plan for me. I thank you Lord. AMEN..

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Gloria I have prayed for you today in this. Amen. Bruce

  14. Briggitte | | Reply

    Dear Lord, I trust you with the lives, safety and wellbeing of my two daughters who lives abroad attending college far away from where I’m. I surrender them to you so that you guide them spiritually and also in their lives for them to attain their education needs and to grow up as good human beings! In Jesus name I pray Amen!

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Some pf Rosemary and My children live far away. I feel your prayer. Lord hear this prayer. Bruce

  15. patrick | | Reply

    Dear Lord, I trust you to take care of me while I journey with the responsibilities that you have entrusted me with. That the actions I take will be in the right direction, if I am going in the wrong direction that you will be there to help me to alter course. I trust you with the health of my family and myself.
    I trust you that you find in me the ability to handle most things.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Amen and Amen. Bruce

  16. Marie | | Reply

    I need to trust in God that he will guide my family and i through our financial difficulties and keep us united.

    • Bruce Downes | | Reply

      Lord we trust in you. Bruce

  17. Bridget | | Reply

    Man of God, God bless u 4 keeping it real with us

  18. Paul. | | Reply

    Jesus I need to trust you at this time as I’m unsure of where You are leading me. May I continue to draw closer to You and feel Your presence in my life.

  19. Errol | | Reply

    Lord I pray for that trust that brings the triumph when defeat seems strangely near. Help me in this experience that seems to engulf me right now that the days I cannot see have all been planned for, still. Amen. Just the nessage I needed to wake to Bruce thanks.

  20. Tash | | Reply

    Dear Jesus and god, I trust you over a prayer I have struggled with for decades that I feel sometimes feel you don’t care about or you would’ve helped by now. I will never understand it, your role in it, why it happened or why you could not help in the way I needed you to. But I will try and trust you even though I may never understand it.

  21. David Massoud | | Reply

    Lord help me to not lose sight but to grow more in your love, so I can do your will. Help me to be strong regardless of what the day may throw at me. Amen.

  22. Malcolm Stewart | | Reply

    On my birthday, my gift is your message to put my trust in Jesus to give me courage to take the next step which has so many people relying on me and to trust Jesus in reuniting me with my daughter.

  23. Julia | | Reply

    I trust you, Lord that you will help me gain the skills to serve others in my future career. In my weakness, I trust that you will use me as your instrument to show others your love, joy and peace.

    I trust you, Lord that you will guide me in my relationships, both current and in the future. Let me follow the path you prepare for me, Lord. I place my complete trust in you.


  24. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    Lord Jesus thank You for being my Heavenly Father and holding my hand as my dear Daddy used to on this journey…. I love you Lord Jesus and I know you love me…. Help me to surrender my all to you and keep holding tightly to Your precious hand…. Thank You Father..Son…and Holy Ghost

  25. Barb | | Reply

    As I move forward Lord into oceans ,too deep to touch the ground hold onto my hand and lead me through. Gift me your Godly skilful wisdom strength and courage to hold onto you with a smile, to trust through the storm that you alone keep me afloat. That the deepening of my relationship with you creates a beacon light for others to follow into the safety of your loving arms amen. I agree with every prayer written here today for your healing touch and restoration in their lives. In the name of JESUS.Amen. Amen.Amen.

  26. Gina | | Reply

    Father I trust you with my kids, finances, relationship and job – take me to that place u want me to be

  27. Joan | | Reply

    Father, I trust you for the future, as my life has become empty and without purpose as I am aging.

  28. Cheryl Grace | | Reply

    Lord, I surrender all to you. Help me to really mean it when I say I trust in You. I hope that I am following Your plan for my life. I trust that You will bring my sons and their families to You through the Holy Spirit. I trust that You are surrounding my nephew and his family, and my brother, with your healing love at this sad time. I trust You had your reason for taking Dannielle to You at this time and that she is at peace with You. Whilst it is hard to see the bigger picture at this time, I trust You will reveal all to us in the next life. Thank you.

  29. mary | | Reply

    Dear Lord when I finish work in 18 more days you alone know where you are going to lead me, maybe to retire, works of charity, or work in some other way, whatever it is help me to surrender to your holy will.

  30. John Tomczak | | Reply

    Lord I trust in you to take me to the next level in my relationship with you, possibly in one of the impact centre group programs that are starting up.
    I trust in your wisdom to guide me in a direction that will bring my family into a closer relationship with you, that they may experience your love as I have, that their faith may begin to flourish as I have known.
    Lord I trust in you.

  31. Catherine Ellaway | | Reply

    I needed to hear that message today, Bruce. I trust you, Lord, that you will guide my daughter to make the right decisions in her life right now.

  32. Gwen | | Reply

    I trust You to understand and guide me in my spiritual life.

  33. John | | Reply

    Please Lord Jesus Bind the injury in Charlene right Leg in Your Precious Blood, please Lord take it to the foot of your cross for You to deal with. Fill Charlene Your healing Love, Your peace and Your Forgiveness . This I ask in Jesus Holy Name so you Father will be Glorified through Your Son. Thank you Lord for answering Our prayer we Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name, Jesus I trust in You.

  34. Apple | | Reply

    Lord God, in your loving mercy help me to trust You and surrender to You our prayer to be blessed by a child. Help us to accept what You have planned for us and that You will blessed us as we go through the journey of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

  35. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Lord Jesus, Help me to trust in Your Words to me….” I will be with you always”. Help me to stay calm in the truth of Your words. My Jesus I trust in Amen.

  36. brenton | | Reply

    I need to trust in God about finding a girlfriend, something iv’e never truly had now at 25 years of age. I need to trust in God where he’s going to take me in my music and visual art. I need to trust in God about suffering for the Lord. I need to trust in God about having a real job, a house and a way to support myself in the future and not being homeless, a big fear of mine. I need to trust in God about my social life.

  37. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Lord, I trust you in my finances. that there will be enough to cover the bills and to give to others who need. I trust you in my friendships that I currently lack, and invitations rejected. I know you have given me so many blessings in my life with my family and friends who have gone to you, and now time to invest in what you have in store for me. My future is bright if I am open to seeing Your directions and taking each step as it appears without knowing where it is leading. I trust you in my family and extended family that you will bring these loving people to know you personally, open their hearts to see you waiting. I know you say Come as you are, and I will always be with you. .Thank you.

  38. Liv | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, today u took my breath away. My husband has been retrenched from work and he just recently lost his Dad to cancer and we had to travel across the world to help his Mom with all the final arrangements for Dad. Mom also has cancer and the stress of family situation and now my husbands retrenchment has been huge. I told a good friend how we were battling to come to terms with all this and she said to me hand it all to the Lord which I have done and then I listened to you today (I listened twice 😊 ) and I just gave up in all faith and totally surrendered to God my father in heaven. Our Son who lives in US has also lost his job so we have been really concerned for him, today you gave me hope, you gave me joy that our good Lord will walk us through this tuff time and I just pray “Lord let your will be done for us”. God bless u Bruce and thank you. 🤗

    • Ann | | Reply

      We are too battling Liv..Pancreatic Cancer, Stage 4. Will find out today if it is in remission. CT scan at 8:30 in Colorado, US.. We’ll think of your struggle today along with out own. God Bless.

  39. Elizabeth | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce for taking us closer to trust God as we should! I need to trust in Him completely as the situation I find myself at present is complicated……….Let go, let God!

  40. Damien | | Reply

    Lord let me place in your trust, the relationship with my wife and family. Grant me wisdom in dealing with my friends and colleagues that represents your love in me. Amen

  41. Leigh | | Reply

    Lord, I commit to trusting You for my finances and providence. I pray that you will always provide what we need. At the moment, that is mounting bills and sheer exhaustion, working at capacity to do my bit. So at the end of the day, all I have is my hope in YOU. Amen

  42. Bernadette | | Reply

    Help me to trust that you won’t let the bullies have the last word, that you will bring something good and beautiful out of what has been ugly and spiteful and jealous.

  43. nneka nwachukwu | | Reply

    Lord Jesus have mercy upon me ,I put my trust in You alone.l pray that You bless me in deed.Amen

  44. Teresa | | Reply

    Dear Father God,
    I trust you with my family during this trying time. They need your help Lord. I trust you especially with my son Nick, for his healing, wholeness and salvation. I trust that you have plans to give him a hope and a future. I trust that you will open doors for him that only you can open. I trust that you will help me to read your word and be strong during this lenten journey and always.
    I surrender to you Lord and I give you all the praise and all the glory.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  45. Marilyn | | Reply

    Lord God, strengthen my trust and faith in you. Help me to truly handover my son Stuart to you to keep him safe Lord and help him get well emotionally, physically and mentally. Please Lord remind me that you always answer my prayers and not to doubt you. I ask this in the name of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  46. Thelma | | Reply

    Lord God I trust my life and the lives of my love ones to you, that you protect us from all evil and harm and guide us always in evrything we do. This I ask through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name .Amen.

  47. Pat Mullins | | Reply

    Dear God, I TRUST you to heal me from the confusion and hurt I feel still as a result of my desire to come closer to you.

  48. Zoleka Sgangase | | Reply

    Dear Father Lord
    I trust with my academic life, my relationships, my family, my finances. I need you so bad Lord I need to be able to start saving and build my families life. I trust you with my brothers life that Lord he will do the right thing always and stop complaining so much and that one day he will go back to church and praise you like never before. I trust you with all the business ideas that live within me that you God will make them a success.
    I surrender all to you oh Lord
    In the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

  49. 62720410jm | | Reply

    Dear Father please help me within my anxieties, God I want trust you with in a Change for me with in work pls help me with understanding all types of people thr all walks of life
    God I trust in you

  50. Jenni H. | | Reply

    God I trust in you that you will give me some good health. Also I trust in you that I will get through my 12 teeth being pulled out and the months I’ve got to go without teeth

  51. jo | | Reply

    Lord help me to trust that you will bring my husband and children to have a faith in you. Help me to not feel alone in my faith journey.

  52. Wendy | | Reply

    Lord Jesus I trust you with the changes that are happening at work. I surrender them to you Lord and I pray that you will give me the strength to work in harmony with my colleagues so that I can share your love with them. I need thee Lord Jesus every hour I need Thee

  53. connie | | Reply

    Lord you are our healer I trust all those in my family who a very sick.I pray you help them and give them the courage they need . thank you Bruce .May God bless you and continue to guide you in this great work you are doing.

    • Ann | | Reply

      We’re looking for a healing too Connie. Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer…today we will find out if the tumor is in remission. We’ll pray for healing in your family today during the CT scan.

  54. Helene | | Reply

    I will trust you to take care of my children that no harm will come to them as they travel through the teenage years.

  55. Joiecelyn Cuizon | | Reply

    J. Cuizon
    Dear God, I completely and fully surrender to you my present situation. My faith heals me everyday from my worries and fears due to stress and anxiety. I believe I needed to experience this to be transformed to the person you want me to be. In renouncing my will over to your will, i started to see that your plan for my life is much better and i felt the real inner peace and joy that only you can give. Continue your work in my life Lord as I trust in you. I believe i can be an instrument of faith to draw others to know that you are worthy of trust. You are the only source of Hope in our lives. Amen.

  56. Tommy | | Reply

    I am grateful God says Trust Me during the good, the bad, and the ugly days. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Thank you Bruce.

  57. CLAUDIA MERKLER | | Reply

    Dear GOD I want to trust you to lead our children and grand children into your loving care

  58. Shelbyville | | Reply

    I need to trust God for more direction in my life, with my financial and with relationship.

  59. Jenetta | | Reply

    Lord I need to trust you that you will always look after those people that I love. Help me to do this please. Thank you.

  60. Cheryl | | Reply

    Lord god I place my trust in you for good health that I seem to lack these days. Help me feel strong again.

  61. Ann | | Reply

    Father I trust you as we get ready for my husband’s CT scan today, to find out if the pancreatic cancer he was diagnosed with at Thanksgiving, Stage 4 and given
    2 months to live, is now in remission and we can start a Clinical Trial. We will not lose joy, peace, hope. We trust you. Amen. p.s. Tumor Be Gone!

    • Michelina | | Reply

      Ann I pray for your husband and all people that face life threatening illnesses, including my beautiful sister in law. May God be with them and those who love them. Heal and bless them Lord and help us who stand by them to never lose faith. Help us to hand this totally over to you, trusting in your love and mercy for us. Please Lord hear our prayer, Mary mother of God pray for us.

  62. Nicholas | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for a wonderful spot on message today.
    Haba Father, I trust you in my finances as there seem no projects for me since the beginning of the year. I also trust you in my relationship w my wife & son that there is love, peace & joy. In Jesus name, Amen….

  63. Pina Catalano | | Reply

    Dear Father
    I place my trust in you to guide me as I struggle to help my daughter who is being tormented by an eating disorder. Help me to help her overcome this very difficult time. Amen
    Thank you Bruce, God Bless

  64. Kathy Kelly | | Reply

    Jesus, please help me to trust in you as I begin to share my deepening faith in you with my family and friends.

  65. Rose | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the beautiful message today.

  66. Irvin Flood-Holmberg | | Reply

    Lord, help me to really TRUST You, not just say the words and then go about my day doing things the way I like, but to really recognise You right there beside me, watching over me and guiding me, even when I may not be doing things that I should and really PLEASE You! Lord help me to truly surrender myself to You and TRUST that You will provide me with the graces I need to deal with all those things I need to fix in my life, those things I have left undone and seem never to get done but should be getting done to find You and Peace and Joy and Love right there with You in the midst of my life no matter what difficulties or unpleasantness may be surrounding me and our loved ones!
    Lord, Abba help me to move in with You to that deeper level and really TRUST You no matter what the immediate moments hold for me! Lord help me through the good and not-so-good times to still know that we are in Your presence, Peace, Joy and Love with those You Bless me with in my passing life in this world so that it is not only beyond reproach but pleasing to you, oh God of all creation!

  67. Mary McGee | | Reply

    Some days…God speaks to us personally with the exact message that we need to hear… thank you for delivering it perfectly!

  68. Jude | | Reply

    Jesus I trust in you that I won’t loose my job and you will be always with me in my god and bad times of my life.

  69. Anne Dimech | | Reply

    God please help me in my new ministry in Pastoral Care for the Elderly. I started on Monday and its been a little overwhelming but My trust in You will keep me going. Thank you Bruce for all your inspirational messages to help and guide me through this journey in my life.

  70. Sheila | | Reply

    Jesus, please help me to trust in you completely and surrender fully to your will during this time in my life. I want to be in control, but I know that You are in control and with your control I know I can gain back my joy. As I surrender myself to You, most times in a second by second basis, help me to know that I am forgiven and are loved by You always . Amen

  71. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you for a very touching talk today. God I trust in you to guide me through my finances especially since I have a lot of expenses coming up at one time. Also I need that you will let me know if I am to find a special man in my life. I do have a lot of love to give. Also my Mum does not keep well at all and suffers from High Blood pressure as well as having a thyroid problem and eye problem, help me to help her see that you are their for all of us and for her to put her complete trust in you. I have complete trust in you God and I know that things and situations in life always work out well. God you have always being there for me especially when I have been through stress and the toughest times in my life. I know that God you are always helping my Mum and I get through the stress in our lives which is my Dad, he is the hardest person to live with. God I thank you for all the blessings which you have bestowed upon me. I want to thank you for giving me the strength to have my own way when it comes to decisions in my life, and not letting my Dad make them for me. I am 39 years old. My Dad is very controlling and thinks he has the right to control people, he has known now for some years he cannot be controlling with me as I have the strength to stand up to him , and that is because of you God. I thank you so much. Please keep my Mother and I in good health so that we can continue to enjoy the life you have given to us.

  72. solkem | | Reply

    Dear God,
    I trust you with my 10 goals for 2016, my year of the flesh in the name of Jesus, using John 14:14.

  73. Lynda | | Reply

    In these difficult times that I face with my children I place them in your care to guide, guard and enlighten them. I surrender them to you my Lord Jesus Christ because I place my TRUST IN YOU. I ask this prayer in JESUS’ NAME.

  74. Laura Anne bell | | Reply

    Dearest Jesus, your the only friend I have that I can trust to work out my situation. I know what I want, but I also know I don’t know your will for me. I want a holy marriage that includes my children , living at the beach and pro life ministry . I think I have told some people , but it may be the wrong thing to do. Please help me to know where YOU would have me go. This has been 10 years too long and so wrong. Help me. Jesus I trust in you. Amen

  75. PIUS THEKEMURY | | Reply

    I trust you my God, about my health, about the person i am guiding that she will find You and a reason to live. I trust you my God about the members of my community, especially when our values and outlooks are so polarised. I trust you my God in the loneliest moments of my life. I trust you that I can fin my joy once again. I trust you that i can find a noursihing way of prayer. I trust you that ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IS NEVER ALONE. I TRUST YOU THAT WHEN I DOUBT, YOU WILL CARRY ME IN THE DANCE OF LIFE.

  76. Michele Beglau | | Reply

    I want to and know with your help Lord that I can not be reactive but reflective and breathe and wait for you to show me the path, the way, what to say or do. I want and need to trust and turn to you first In all things. I want to truly be a follower! Jesus I trust in you!

  77. Rosemary | | Reply

    Lord I trust you will guide and strengthen me in my marriage, help us manage our financial situation, heal the rift within our family, and give us all your peace! Thank you lord.

  78. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Dear lord i trust you,i want to put all my life and the life of my family in your hands. As we received a new member, new baby two days ago, i trust you to help us to be good parents and grandparents in the guide that his baby needs for him to grow helthy and wirh good christian values,.We do not our future or the baby future but trusting in you will help us to be in peace and to act calmly always

  79. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Loving Father I place my family, my husband, my son and myself in Your caring hands. You know us more than we know ourselves. You know what is best for us. I put my trust in You especially for my health issues. You Lord have the big picture of our lives, help me not to be impatient or discouraged at our present circumstances but rather be in peace and hopeful that You are always with us, caring for us and mighty to work for us.I love You Lord God thank You

  80. Carol | | Reply

    Spirit I trust you in this time of transition of our move from one place to another. Thank you, God. Carol

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