Day 25

 Day 25


  1. Lynda | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your message today. Yes, we experience change in our lives. Sometimes hard to bear but by the grace of God and knowing that HE is always there for us; we have the strength to face any situation by the power that Christ gives us. We should not be afraid when we face the changes in our life.

  2. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  3. Mandy | | Reply

    I believe we are all a little bit fearful of change as it is encountering the unknown but in my life I challenge myself to turn every situation into something exciting and know that God works for the good and no mountain will be too high and we are richly blessed and grow to new heights if we cooperate with our blessed Lord.

  4. Jess | | Reply

    Perfect timing as I accept what God is teaching me and I place my self in Him. Thank you for your ministry Bruce.

  5. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce thank you for your inspirational message. I have numerous challenges in my life. One of them in a continuous challenge which is my Dad, he is the hardest person to live with, because of how aggressive and nasty he is to my Mother and myself. I am also struggling with severe headaches which I have had for 12 years. Also I am very worried about my Mother and her illnesses. I know that God is always there showing me how to deal with all of the challenges I have, and that through praying to God, God will bless my me and show me the way to become the person that God wants me to be.I am not afraid with the challenges in my life because God is always there for me and I know everything will work out.

    • Bernadette | | Reply

      May God bless your Dad and change his heart so that he is able to love and cherish you and your Mum. And while God’s working on that I pray that you are both strengthened in faith and hope and the ability to forgive and love your Dad even as the nasty person he is exhibiting.

  6. Bridget | | Reply

    God bless & increase you in every area of your life , thanks.

  7. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Well said Mandy. Loving Father help me to accept the disruption, the uncomfortable roughness period that comes while You transform me into the woman of God You intend me to be. I ask this Loving Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, amen. Thank you Bruce for today’s message and prayer. God bless you for all you do for Him and for us

    • Irvin Flood-Holmberg | | Reply

      Yes, Well said, Valerie! Lord, help me to see the way You lead me and to accept it, however rough or disruptive it may be with the grace and the will to know it is for my greater good and Your greater glory! And definitely, yes Thank you Bruce and TCG team for today’s message and prayer for all of us AND Chris while in Timor doing His will!

  8. Anne Dimech | | Reply

    Perfect timing for me as well. Thank you Bruce you really are a messenger from God. God Bless you.

  9. Eve | | Reply

    The topic on change spoke to me. I am going through a rough and very distressing time at the moment with a certain situation at work. I understand now that God through this situation is trying to transform me into a better person.

  10. Chris | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce and TCG Team. I missed the missions too. Good things are happening in Timor, that wouldn’t of happened without the years at TCG learning to listen to the call of God, as puzzling as God can be sometimes. Usually it is me still learning to let God guide the steps and not being stuck on my plan.

  11. Tommy | | Reply

    I find change uncomfortable and my nature is to resist change. But from past experience, I know change is necessary to move forward and I cannot question the changes God brings into my life and the lives of my loved ones. The past is the past and all that matters is the moment, the now of change. I am grateful throughout change God is holding my hand every step of the way. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Thank you Bruce.

  12. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for another inspiring message. God bless you and your team

  13. John | | Reply

    My Jesus, Pardon and Mercy, Through Merits of Your Wounds, You will be Praised and Glorified.
    Lord it was You who took my sins away, teach me to accept what ever happens to me, Your way
    is the only Way Jesus I trust in You. Amen

  14. N.F. Miller Ortiz | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.. Change is very difficult me I understand what you are saying to me…. that we must work on accepting! and trust it is God choice..
    m o

  15. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    I am not very happy to change anything in my life until I am ready to do it. But changes sometimes don’t come when I decide, Sometimes God has different plans for me ,and these changes in my agenda make me feel uncomfortable. Help me Lord to listen to your call, to accept changes even when I don’t know the place that You are going to put myself in. Help me to understand that You know me better and that you know what is best for me. In your heart I trust

  16. Teresita | | Reply

    This message is for me i have been struggling with my move from Canada to the US. Leaving my daughter and family and friends to be with my husband. I ask God to bless me with peace and joy during this difficult time

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