Day 28

 Day 28


  1. Clyde Leavitt | | Reply

    It is so refreshing to listen to your short talks. It causes me to stop and think how very fortunate we are to know the Christ, and our Heavenly Father.
    Thank you for your reminding us just how very much he loves us all.
    Clyde Leavitt USA.

  2. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  3. John | | Reply

    Lord I long for You to come to open my heart to see You. Your ways are not my ways,
    Your ways are always perfect, grant this Jesus Holy Name. Come direct me in to Your
    thoughts so I may see the wonderful way You are directing me, Lord You ways are always
    perfect, as I empty myself so I can become closer to You, Your Love is endless within
    my heart I love You wash me clean in Your Precious Blood this I ask in Jesus Holy
    Name so I may be ready to do Your Holy Will. Amen

  4. John | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce.
    Lord help me to get up and get going. .

  5. Anne | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce God bless you.

  6. Yvonne | | Reply

    a terrific way to start the day

  7. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Lord God I need to spend more quiet time with You so I can hear You clearly guiding me during this time of Lent and to plan to run the race strong and committed. Lord show me how not to be distracted with the usual issues I face each day. I ask all of this Loving Father in the name of Your Son Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, amen.Thank you Bruce for your message and prayer, always insightful, helpful and encouraging. God bless you and your team.

  8. Jessica | | Reply

    Brilliant !!!! Thank you again. This was so good to hear!

  9. Bridget | | Reply

    Thank u man of God

  10. 62720410 | | Reply

    To start over its never to late, Thank you very much

  11. Jenni | | Reply

    Lord, I’ve dropped off the last week help me to get back on board

  12. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and may God bless you always

  13. Tommy | | Reply

    Bruce, the tortoise and the hare came to mind. Slow and steady wins the race. I pray to be slow and steady, to be still and continue to listen for God’s subtle nudges and Loving Arms comforting me. That is how I pray to run to the end of Lent and beyond. Thank you again, Bruce, for the inspiration you provide through your ministry.

  14. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    i have a stroke please pray for me

    • John | | Reply

      Lord Jesus please Bind the stroke and symptoms in Your Most Precious Blood take them to the foot of Your Cross,
      For You to Deal with. Fill Conrad with Your Healing Love, Your Peace and Your Forgiveness.This I ask in Jesus
      Name so You Father will be Glorified through Your Son. I thank You Lord for answering Our Prayer. All Glory and
      Praise to the Father Almighty, All Glory and Praise to Jesus Christ His Son, All Glory and Praise The Holy Spirit
      All three in One, All thrice Holy, as it was in the beginning, is now, ever shall be, forever and ever Amen.
      It is Jesus who Heals always give Him Glory and Praise and Thanks, He Loves You and He will answer Your prayer..

  15. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Conrad of course I will pray for you, that you may experience the love of God through Jesus, as He touches all those places that felt so unworthy of His love. Amen

  16. phillistay | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Your encouraging messages kept me going ..whenever I trail behind.

  17. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Help me to continue my Lord with the same enthusiasm that I started this period of lent until the end. You know me,You invited me to do this in order to transform me and fixed those parts in me that are in need to be renew.I ask you Lord, walk with me, I love You, help me plan the rest of the weeks that are left until I can celebrate Your glory on the Resurrection Sunday

  18. Atheline | | Reply

    Thank you so much. This message was just what I needed.

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