Day 29

 Day 29


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  2. John | | Reply

    Lord Jesus I Thank You Lord Jesus I thank You, Your Love is endless wash my heart and soul in Your Precious Blood, strength my love for you, cleanse my body heart and Soul, I Thank You, I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. The more we Praise and thank Him the more we receive, Fill me Lord with Your Healing and Your Peace. Open my heart to receive Your Precious Body and Blood, wash me clean remove anything that is not of You from within me, thank you Lord that Your Love will grow within me. Amen
    Jesus I Trust In You. Amen

  3. Stella | | Reply

    Wow, that was powerful, and thank you Bruce, you explain it so clearly…

  4. John Tomczak | | Reply

    In Jesus name & through the power of the Holly spirit, what a powerful way to end, any prayer or daily meditation and talking to God.
    I also like so much the sign of the cross, as a daily salute to the Holy Trinity, as acknowledgement to God that I am grateful for the beginning and end of each day, and that he made all that happened possible, be it a lesson learnt, a good deed done, handling a sad moment, or something that didn’t go to well.
    Our Father is there with us always, Amen.

  5. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Mary always tells us to listen to Jesus, as I listen I hear Jesus reply to his friends when they ask him “how” to pray. He did not say MY Father, He said OUR FATHER, we can dare to call God our Father only through Jesus…because we have been Baptized into Christ Jesus and we have the power of His Spirit within us…we are brothers and sisters and all can dare to say “father we thank You for the GIFT of Your Son.

  6. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you for a beautiful inspirational message.

  7. Di Franks | | Reply

    I had the blessing of hearing you speak today in Young and came home to your message here too. Thankyou for being a prophet in our time. May God continue to bless both you and your team abundantly.

  8. Leonie | | Reply

    I thank God, that the Father sent His only Son, so that we can be children of Him and call Him our Father and Jesus our brother, and that we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives always. Nothing can separate us from Gods love. A little ditty I have memorised, I cannot claim it as my own. Whatever I oughta I am His daughter, whatever I’ve done I am His son.

  9. Nicole Poulton | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, I have got it, that was the best explanation I have heard yet. The mist is lifting, I can see more clearly and can see the path of transformation I need to make.

  10. Claudia Merkler | | Reply

    Following along so far with gratitude for this entire program.

  11. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Bruce, thanks for continually bringing clarity and beauty into our lives.

  12. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you for another powerful message Bruce. May God bless you

  13. Tommy | | Reply

    For God so loved the World. Jesus, my Lord, keep me close to the Father. I pray in Jesus’ name. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  14. TONY D'SOUZA | | Reply

    loved the powerful phrase “as we press into Jesus ”
    today a friend was so pleased with my visit ,she pressed into me with so much gratitude, when she kissed me good bye

  15. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    pray for me Amen

  16. Clyde Leavitt | | Reply

    Hello Bruce, I am very grateful that Your Father in law took the advantage of signing me up to receive your talks. I remember meeting you at
    his Home in Brisbane. It is so refreshing to know, and feel that our beliefs are the same, though we are of different faiths’ I truly thank you for
    explaining your knowledge about your beliefs and want you to know how very similar they are to mine.
    Again I thank you,
    Clyde Leavitt USA

  17. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Dear Father , allow me to be transformed , to change myself, to pray more deeply in order to live closer to you. Do this Father in the name of Jesus and throug the power of the Holy Spirit, for me to be able to work with you, and for You to always find a place in me to stay. Teach me to love better, to listen more, to speak less, amen

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