Day 30

 Day 30


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Burce

  2. Marie Scully | | Reply

    Re your chat day 30. I agree with you we should ask God to change our hearts but the goal should not be that people will think highly of us and say “that person is a very fine person” some years ago I knew this women to see. She was small kinda cranky looking women. I’d see her when I went to Mass in a house run by religious. She would be sitting in a chair in the corridor, not very attractive looking. One morning, she, as I came in, got up of her chair and kissed me on the cheek. The love that flowed into me nearly knocked me over. As I walked away from her, a lady whom I always found difficult to relate to came along, I found myself linking her and we walked along together chatting till we came to the chapel. She was delighted. We are friends ever since. A couple of years latter that cranky looking women passed away. I went to the Church where her funeral was taking place. I was early most people remained outside for the family to arrive. I went on into the Church, her coffin was in the center of the aisle (small Church) one or two people sitting there. I sat down and suddenly the Church was filled with the presence and love of God. Nobody ever said to me “isn’t she a wonderful person.”

  3. John | | Reply

    I Thank You Lord that You have given wonderful Priest’s who have been released in the Holy Spirit,
    Their lives are an example of The Holy Spirit growing in their hearts, My only wish that all Priest’s be
    filled with The Holy Spirit. Please Lord Jesus open the eyes of all Priest’s who have not been blessed
    with The Holy Spirit that they also may be released in the love and beauty of God. This I ask in Jesus
    Holy Name, that You Father will be Praised and Glorified through His Son, I thank You and Praise and
    Glorify your Holy Name, Lord I ask that all men who Love You be filled with Your Holy Spirit, Lord
    give us the voice to Praise you. All Glory and Praise to the Our Heavenly Father, All Glory and Praise
    to Jesus Christ His Son, All Glory and Praise to The Holy Spirit, All Three in one, All thrice Holy, as it was
    in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, forever and ever. Amen.
    Jesus I Trust In You.

  4. Geraldine Butler | | Reply

    Thankyou … good thing to do each day for Lent. Short and attainable. Food for thought for the day.

    It would be great to have something like this suitable for young children too (Primary aged). Any suggestions?

  5. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    May I say to you Bruce in my observations…you are also a fine man. So dear friend, continue the wonderful works that you and your team do…Blessings Raymond

    • linda | | Reply

      Thank you Raymond, I totally agree! Bruce you are a Wonderful man who in your work is transforming lives. Thank you for your commitment and wonderful works,

  6. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Dear Lord, I pray to be more like Jesus, He never needed the approval of others…He left it up to the Father that His reputation would always follow after Him. Amen

  7. Melinda | | Reply

    I too like the idea of having something similar to this for young children. I am a teacher and would love to be able to share something like this on a daily basis with the children during Lent.

  8. Leonie | | Reply

    I was truly knocked about by the Fine scripture from John today. I want to be defined by God as surrendering to Him and to know I need to strive for His recognition not those necessarily of people. Those may or may not be challenged by how I live and act if I am truly walking with God. And Bruce the only people who would say you are not a fine man, would be those people who are not yet ready to be challenged or changed by the grace of God which truly flows through your work and your life.

    By the way, I have met a little boy just over 1 year old in a music class for preschoolers and his name is Bruce, truly a bit unusual in todays world, but his presence and innocence and joy remind me a tiny bit of you.

  9. Mary Brimicombe | | Reply

    Each day I pray that God will help me to be the person He wants me to be!

  10. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I agree with Mary Lord God help me to be the woman You want to me to be. If I ever influence anyone Lord let it be for good, that they may see Jesus more clearly within me and the power of the Holy Spirit at work. I ask this Loving Father in the name of Your Son Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, amen. Thank you Bruce for your message and prayer. You are a fine person and you clearly show God working in you and through you.

  11. Tommy | | Reply

    My Lord Jesus, I pray for awareness of the light and shadow I cast. I am not worthy, sinner I am, but I am aware of your Promise and your Love. May the light become brighter and the shadow I cast dimmer. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Thank you, Bruce.

  12. Jenni | | Reply

    I would not be known as a fine person but a very negative person. Lord please help,me to be a positive person.

  13. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    Pray for me

    • Ann | | Reply

      We will!

  14. Ann | | Reply

    In the Lent we have found through my husbands cancer journey….we are trying to become the people we should be. We have found a deeper meaning of what relationship with God means through this disease. :)

  15. Bev J. | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for helping us throughout this Lent to steadily step closer to God as we drop the heavy loads that have burdened us and kept us from stepping forward in faith and assurance. God is always there to greet us. I look forward to your next series Bruce.

  16. Irvin Flood-Holmberg | | Reply

    Father, work in me, with me and through me that I may be a “fine” man pleasing to you beyond my attractions to the things of this world, I pray in Jesus name through the power of the Holy Spirit Amen!

  17. Erica D'Souza | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, thank you for a wonderful talk you have said today. I can see the changes God is making in me, and I need God to continue to make the changes in me through this Lenten journey. I am going to be starting another course ( study) a subject that I have to learn in order to get a good job. the subject is Payroll and the basics of accounting. I know that God will help me through it. I am so happy that I have a deep relationship with God and I know that God is drawing me near to him every day.

  18. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Dear God move in me, work more powerful in me ,refine in me all the areas that need to be refined, for me to be the person that you like me to be, a person who is humble, who shows the joy in her life that comes from within where You Fathar are.Thank you Father for this opportunity of knowing You better trough this meditations during lent

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