Day 34

 Day 34


  1. Errol | | Reply

    Count me in Bruce..pray for me as I let something go…tks

  2. Anne Dimech | | Reply

    Please pray for me Bruce to let go and help me have complete faith in God that he will be there to guide me. Thanks Bruce God Bless You.

  3. My Yen | | Reply

    Thank you for this email message Bruce – for the secret you have shared in your video.

    I was just woken up by 2 disturbing dreams. One was about helping the friends I cared about and I felt that I was taken advantage of in the process ( that is it costed me twice the price for a bowl of soup which I was happy and willing to pay because it was a small price to pay) and then immediately another dream came to show me that I was hanging onto a traditional practice by using incense to pray to the dead(my grand father) and then helping my father to relief of his grief by helping him to build his father’s tomb with my bare hands on a sand basefoundation with constant water flowing over where I was building – I built and built and built to the point where I found myself hanging onto the edge of a cliff and seeing the foundation of the tomb was breaking down. I could see that the next big wave/water flow was about to break in which would cost me my life. When I saw what was coming I looked to my father and asked him to move back so that I could climb out of the cliff – he only stared at me and gave me a sad gaze.

    I woke up feeling frustrated because I was not giving a chance to save myself.

    So after the dream I woke up and went to another room to pray and ask God what it all mean. Just before my prayer ended your email message came through a notification sound ‘Ding’. Reluctantly I decide to watch your video at 4.20am.

    Boy, I can relate my feelings with your video message totally. Although initially I didn’t quite understand what God was trying to tell me.

    But as I typed this to you the Holy spirit has just reminded me of my question to God (last night) on how to raise my 2 good boys who are slowly becoming defiant towards me. Last night both boys caused me grief and pain and then madness came over me that I stormed to my bedroom, slammed the door and asked God many questions about where my relationships with my boys is heading to.

    I can now see where my relationships with ny boys is heading to if I continue to follow how my father used to raised me. I know there is a whole lot more to unpack in this dream about the different areas of my raising 2 boys but Bruce, I want to thank you for the video which provided clarity to the emotional me (a mother).

    Thank God for prompting me to check your email at 4.17am. I now have a better understanding of how God best answers my prayers.

    Love your work.

    God bless you and your family always.

    • Sharon | | Reply

      Wow, how beautiful that this has happened for you.
      You have concerns about your boys. Many times over the years I have doubted my parenting ways.
      What I have learnt is that it is ok to be angry with your kids. Let them know that you are upset and that you are human and have feelings too. As a human we all make mistakes, sometimes them, sometime you. But always stress to them that being angry does not equal not loving them, and that you will always love them.
      It does mot mean that you let them get away with their bad behaviour, but that you will listen to them and hear what it is they are trying yo tell you. You did not say which age your boys were but the principle applies to any age – To know you are loved is most important. We may not always like their actions or behaviours but we will always love them just as God our Father may not like our actions or behaviours he will always love us.
      God Bless and may you continue to feel his presence in your life.

  4. John | | Reply

    Lord. Jesus what can I let go to deepen my faith for You?
    Jesus you know me through and through my heart wait’s
    For You. I long for Your direction to show me the way to
    The cross as you carried Yours. Please deepen my Faith
    In you Jesus as I open my heart to you. Amen
    Jesus I Trust in You.

  5. Clyde Leavitt | | Reply

    Truly enjoyed your talk again.
    Clyde Leavitt USA

  6. Rachel | | Reply

    I’ve had a feeling for a couple of months now that I need to give up working so that I can focus on the ministry and growth of our community. So that I have time to love and nurture those around me and really take our mass and community to the next level. I’m secure and respected in my work role and the money keeps us afloat. If I didnt work, it would be a real struggle financially and I’m not sure I have the discipline to carry through with what would be required to ensure that my time would be well spent and justified. I know that God provides but I’m not ute I’m ready to give my work up.

  7. Rianna | | Reply

    Please pray for me as I let go of whatever is remaining for me to have a baby. I can’t think of anything left to let go of, but will happily do so for anything that is revealed to me. Thank you Bruce.

  8. Briggitte | | Reply

    Dear Bruce. Please count me in. I’m letting something go so that I can have something else live! Please pray for me and Txc

  9. Mark | | Reply

    My name is Mark.
    I have had a deep yearning for a long time to serve God more deeply.
    But I am a widow who has 3.5. Kids but I realy feel a sense that God is calling me to act.
    I have been planning to do some missionary work with my family but I seem to be hitting a brick wall.
    Bruce if you and your team could pray for me that God shows more clearly how and where he wants mee to be that would be great.
    Amen .

  10. mary | | Reply

    I finish work on Saturday, I am being made redundant as the Government has change its departments & joined them up together, I don’t know how things are going to go financially, but I know God has a plan in my life, just no sure what, it all comes down to trust which is hard

  11. Irene | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce, for the message today. Please pray that I will be obedient to God’s call on my life. I have been procrastinating in so many ways over the past weeks, putting off what He has been calling me to do – but today I have begun what He wants me to do. This is my first time ever ‘doing Lent’ (I come from a different church background) and it has been a precious experience. Many thanks.

  12. Annette | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your amazing sharing today. I truly pray to God to guide me in my choices, to get out of my comfort zone and offer myself for more service. May I be able to do my work while at the same time not loose focus on Him. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  13. Colleen | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I pray that God will give me the courage and faith to continually move forward instead of deliberating and faltering along the way.

  14. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    Pls keep me in your prayers Bruce….

  15. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  16. Bridget | | Reply

    Help me lord to let go of the old 4 the new to spring forth Amen. I thank u man of God

  17. maria | | Reply

    I am trying to “bloom” where I am planted. May God take me where He wants me to be. I am not a practical person so pray I find my gift because I do long to go further in my identification with my Father God.

  18. Andrea | | Reply

    That was beautiful. Such a good way to start the day!

  19. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    My Yen, I am feeling so graced at being given the privilege of reading your BIG dream, wow….and your obedience to the call from God. I sense the Lord will give you the tools to change those old ideas. I too have experienced a few of those big dreams and after writing them down prayed for the understanding to see what I had to let go of….and was rewarded. It’s hard going into uncharted waters for all of us….But He is always there to pull us out when we flounder.

  20. Margaret Handyside | | Reply

    I have recently given up a voluntary position I held for 24 years, not for the purpose of taking something else on, but now you have opened my mind !

  21. Tony | | Reply

    Pray that I can summon the courage to let go and trust in the goodness of Jesus.

  22. Barb | | Reply

    I asked God who can pray with me about this. Thank u for stepping forward to pray with me. Holy Spirit please give Bruce revelation and the words to pray for me, I am ready to go where you call me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  23. Stella | | Reply

    Dear Bruce – I have been reading this book this morning, and it has really convicted me of my PRIDE, which I can see also stems from insecurity… also SELFRIGHTNESS – it has brought me to tears… Then I picked up my Ipad to read my emails, and of course yours was there… I just knew that God would have made your message appropriate to me… and sure enough Wham !!! there it is.

    Yes Bruce, I have to make a decision re material things, which I now realize I have, or wear on my body – because it “puffs me up” (insecurity again, showing its ugly head)…

    Bruce, I have a very expensive car, which I brought a year ago, partly so I would “be seen” , with some of the money I inherited from my mother… – Since I took delivery of it, I have been struggling with it – so much so that I have been to 3 car yards , only to find that I would lose a large some of money by selling it…. There woukd still be plenty to buy a replacement car and have extra to give away… Part of my fear, is that my husband does not understand my reasons… I have mentioned it to him, and he thinks I am being ridiculous… His faith is not as important to him as mine is to me, so of course I realize that he will not understand. So my challenge is do pray about it and take that next step, which is frightening …. Just as you said in your talk today. Because my husband will not understand

    Well Bruce, you did say to write it down, so here it is. Thank you for your honesty and down to earth manner… I will pray for Peace in the decisions you have ahead if you. God Bless..

  24. michelle | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for this message and please pray for me.

  25. Jessica | | Reply

    Count me in, as I listen to God, for changes apparent yet unborn. For my son too, it is so important to listen…and bless you, prayerfully

  26. phildul | | Reply

    Philippe – New opportunities

  27. b | | Reply

    i need to let go of my current life and bad habits to go to being a sober catholic who attends mass, gets into his university, producing amazing art works and succeeding and being clear headed so i can write better songs and really have a go at my dreams and goals and making a life for myself. thanks Bruce.

  28. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    I was speaking to my counselor about a difficult situation I found myself in and how I was encouraged by remembering a passage of scripture concerning the empowerment from the Holy Spirit to the disciples. This gave me courage to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and my prayer was answered. As I was leaving the counselor she handed me a paper which I put in my bag. Later at home I read what was on the paper. It was about a one day retreat on discipleship. There is a scripture verse John 20:21-22 concerning the receiving of the Holy Spirit by Jesus to the disciples. I thought to myself what a coincidence that I should bring up about the Holy Spirit that day. I was wondering if this is was what God wanted me to do attend this day. Then I thought what if I’m required to commit more of my time, effort, change, become an evangelist? I’m not the evangelist kind.The most vocal I’ve ever been is reading in Church. Seeing today’s video brought this to mind. The day is in May.

  29. Jenni H | | Reply

    Count me in please Bruce. This cross on my back is getting heavier.

  30. Diane | | Reply

    Dear Jesus help me to make the right decisions in life guide me through the holy spirit – Amen
    thank you Father xDiane

  31. Feliciana Dsouza | | Reply

    I pray to the lord to let go my negativity in my life during this time in the Lenten season

  32. Sue | | Reply

    Lord, help me to let go of my old ways to grow into a more loving relationship with my partner. To stop the judgement and criticism of what I want to happen. Help me to grow in this new way with your guiding grace.

  33. colleen v | | Reply

    please pray for me that I may let go of my anger at a family member that has caused hurt in the family for the last 10 years. I want to make a truly good confession but l always feel that I can’t change how I feel.

    • Ann | | Reply

      We just went thru this with our 2 daughters! One day we just let all that was going on between us die. One lives in Nevada (our feud was long standing)…but the other lives downstairs with her huband! One day after Mass, listening to the message, (darn those messages) I came home and made up a homemade surrender flag and put it on her gate. We both chose to just let it go. We didnt revisit anything because there is some stuff that she and her husband will never get….and who cares. Sometimes its better to be happy than right. We know our boundaries now (they have a restaurant we help them with.) We let our old relationship and the way we conducted it with them die. We moved to something better, but it was hard because I wanted them to see that they were WRONG! But guess what…they never will. They know we were hurt and we both said sorry…we arnt getting in the same situations with them that opens us up to be hurt, we said said sorry and we have peace now in our older years. If feels great…better than being right! We pray for your journey. Our division was like a crevice in a glacier! it was deep…but it can be done. God speed you to peace. Ann

      • Stella | | Reply

        Dear Ann – just want to say how much I enjoyed reading your comment… I need to take note of the “I want the person to know they are WRONG”. as you say Ann peace is better than trying to point out they might be wrong and I might be right … I have a friend like this, she always HAS to be right, then I realize that that “stirs” me up… but I am not going to go there anymore.. Thank you and God Bless.. Stella

  34. Tommy | | Reply

    I pray to let go of whatever God asks in order for me to grow in my faith and love for God and my fellow man. As I reflect on past events in I my life, I believe God has asked this of me before. My companion, who suffers with cancer, is my confidant, my advocate, my best friend, and a God fearing companion. I pray for his recovery daily. I also pray if God’s will is different than mine, He is preparing a wonderful home for my friend in Heaven. If that is the case, I pray our great grand son, Jaxon 18 mos, will always know who his Daddy Chuck was. Daddy Chuck loves Jaxon so very much as well as little 2 month old Gracelyn. Both of these angels need a Daddy Chuck in their lives. Daddy Chuck is a big part of the village needed to raise young ones. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  35. Linda Gasch | | Reply

    I pray God that you will bring me into a deeper level with You and, if it be in Your will, I can also go to a deeper level of commitment in my small business that will bless others. Bruce, I too am at that age when I’m not sure I want to go further, I’m quite comfortable where I am. It’s a blessing to be here but I know God does not like us staying in one place too long. Thank you for your encouragement. Linda

  36. Mitchell | | Reply

    allow my wife to initiate working on our marriage. Find a job that I am passionate about and being a better, more attentive parent.

  37. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce please pray for me to let go of whatever is holding me back from getting closer to God. May God bless you always

  38. Linda | | Reply

    Linda – let go of Liturgy and Music and take up actions of mercy for the elderly and lonely and vulnerable people?

  39. John | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I find my inadequacy with words hard to express myself. I have been following this Lenten program since day two or three I have also passed each day onto some family and friends. We all enjoy your little talks and ideas,and are finding them very helpful in our lives.
    At the moment I am at a loss as to where I am, and where I’m going.
    I would ask your prayers for God to enlighten me and reveal where he wants to use me, to be open to His will and graces. “Just to make a difference for the better in someone’s life”.
    I pray to the Father, in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen

  40. Teresit | | Reply

    This message was for me. Please pray for me and my husband as we deal with our finances

  41. gloria ceraldi | | Reply

    Bruce thank you for your messages please pray for my sons this Easter that they would
    reconcile with me and their sister remove the hate in their hearts with God’s love
    Thankyou so much God bless

  42. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    thank you bruce i sufer from a stroke Pray for me God Bless

  43. Kathy | | Reply

    Hi Bruce. I know I need to let go but I am not sure what and where I am heading. Please pray for me as I have so many worries on my mind and feel so weak to deal with them. i am tired and i still have so much i need to do. I feel so weighed down and I wish I could just have all this lifted so I can feel free again.

  44. Ann | | Reply

    Here goes…I was brought up in a very catholic family way. Church every day but never a hug or kiss or hearing I love you. I had many brothers and sisters . We were always clean and fed but never really conversed with each other. I in turn fell into a very stressful marriage . I did not get out of the marriage because I thought I would go to hell. I had children because birth control was not an option. My children all have problems due to being raised in such an environment. They are good kids but are having some very serious issues. At present they really do not converse with each other. That hurts me deeply. I seem to always get caught in the middle and I get super stressed out. I have chosen to cut myself off of one of my children for I am working on my own survival. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY BRUCE. LORD Help me to make the right decisions and show me the way to help all of my children.

    • Stella | | Reply

      Dear Ann, your comments brought me to tears – Thank you for sharing, I will pray for you and your family to be Blessed by our Lord. Stella

  45. Bridget | | Reply

    Please pray for me Bruce as I struggle to let something go in order to let something live. I’m not quite sure what i have to let go but with God’s grace I will be free.

  46. Malcolm Stewart | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce – please prey for me to completely forgive the people who took my daughter away from me. Also for prey for me to attain my vision to heal and educate

  47. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Dear Lord help me to see which area of mysel I need to let go in order to give place to a new and deeper faith that make me act, think and speak with another level as a christian. Renew in me, work in me, for me to be a risen person in You

  48. John | | Reply

    I trust you are going to take the ministry to a new level

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