Day 35

 Day 35


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  2. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, is it the cost you are counting or the quality of people’s relationship with God that the TV show will develop? On a much smaller scale, I had done the Sacramental Program in my parish for a many years but found that parents reasons for have their children make the sacraments were very secular and material and I became somewhat jaded. I left it for a few years because I felt that I was not actually a good ambassador/ facilitator/guide at the time. I know it is not for me to judge and I have gone back now, but I really did need to step back and take a break, get a fresh perspective at the time. Perhaps this or something like this is another thing you may need to consider in other words, forgive my presumption, is it really God calling you to this or is it somehing you wanted (when you were young) ? I hope I haven’t made things worse and I pray the Lord will give you clarity. Take care Bruce.

  3. John | | Reply

    Hey Bruce, perhaps all you are being asked is to have the struggle with yourself and to follow your heart? It seems to me that you have a balanced approach to your ministry and your family that gives you character strength and wisdom. It really isn’t necessary to go bigger all the time, just to continue to grow into a deeper understanding. Be mindful and listen as Jesus (and Buddhists) describes and it will become clear.
    Love your work this series!

  4. Di Franks | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce…maybe you need to go to a quiet spot…like Jesus did and refill the glass. You are so busy and maybe God just wants you to stop for a short while to both thankyou for your faithfulness and to hear his quiet voice in all the noise of your everyday life. I’m trying to do that right now…empty my head so there is space for God to speak. Remember he also said “my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. If it feels heavy right now…you need to ask him “why?”. Cheers Di.

  5. Clyde Leavitt | | Reply

    That was an interesting question, and I appreciate you asking it. Are we willing to……An answer only ones self can answer.
    Thank you
    Clyde Leavitt USA

  6. Mark | | Reply

    Hi Bruce.
    I think you answer is in Peters words.
    If Jesus asked any Christian worth his salt to give up money,time,,privacy , if we knew it was from God we would do it without question.
    I wrote you a not yesterday to my calling.
    As to serve in some way. I had mad a dissision to do some missionary work overseas but have meet with a lot of indicision over it.
    But for you the question is, am I doing this because I think is good for me,and will the work I do now be deminished by me taking on the new role.
    What’s my motive what’s the outcome and can I do it affectivly.
    I have a deep yearning to serve the lord but still am inshore what he wants.
    But there’s one thing I do know and that’s that I am open and seeking his will .
    And I already accept his it is predetermined before I was born.
    I will pray for you.
    Your answer is in the Gospel.

  7. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Bruce, I was reading this little story out to my husband this morning and he was challenged by the truth of it…as I too am. …” a man came upon a tall tower and stepped inside to find it all dark. As he groped around, he came upon a circular staircase. Curious to know where it led to, he began to climb, and as he climbed, he sensed a growing uneasiness in his heart. So he looked behind him and was horrified to see that each time he climbed a step, the previous one fell off and disappeared. Before him the stairs wound upward and he had no idea where they led; behind him yawned an enormous black emptiness.” I feel that the Holy Spirit will speak through this little story, that is really everyone’s story.

  8. Lorna | | Reply

    Thank you,all who put this together. When Jesus called his disciples to follow him what did he say?

  9. PatK | | Reply

    Someone once told me that God never asks us to do what we cannot do with his help.
    He knows our situation and our limitations. Often we do nothing, sometimes we rush into action.
    But always he is there to help us set the goals, set the boundaries and measure our own strength.
    May we always recognise his presence to do what we can.

  10. Bernie | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. Really enjoying the program. RE the global TV opportunity – it sounds to me like a “Cannonball” from Jim Collins’ book – “Great by Choice”. See Might be something useful there for you…

  11. Bridget | | Reply

    Thanks man of God you’ve done well again today

  12. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Bruce, you will come to the right decision, this I know. Whatever that is. Perhaps there is room for volunteers who are trained to be involved in answering with moderation those query increases if and when they occur. We dont have to live in Sydney or even Australia, just be trained and moderated well. There are the obstacles if it is the way of God. I know of two TV evangalists I follow, one is yourself and I have had so much change and confirmation in my journey with God through His leading me to you, and the other is Joyce Meyer, who I have heard you quoting as well. Both of you have great humility and humour and although I suspect Joyce Meyer has a fair amount of wealth, we know she started differently. We cannot let the worlds idea of television evangelists and those who did not live up to God’s commands stop someone whose whole reason is to show others the love and joy that only God can bring.

  13. Elizabeth | | Reply

    I reiterate every word from Di Franks! Take care Bruce and many many thanks for what you’re doing! Cheers…Elizabeth

  14. Diane | | Reply

    How blessed we are to have you Bruce thank you for commitment in serving Jesus

  15. Teresit | | Reply

    Today is my birthday I thank God for another year. I have been struggling with my husband who has changed and I thought of leaving him but listening to these last few days message i surrender to God and ask for his healing . Please pray for us as a couple

  16. Nicole | | Reply

    Hey Bruce you have to fix that cold first. xx

  17. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I pray that you will make the right decision. May God bless you always.

  18. Barb | | Reply

    Hi Bruce
    My wisdom is to trust God. My human thought s to stop, start a training school with a view to quality teaching, and sustainability and spreading the load. Then, You can then manage the manager of each country or state. Janene and Andrew Kabala of Esther Voice or Brian and Bobby Houston of Hillsong would probably have some valuable advice an are much more suited to giving tried and proven wisdom. They have both stepped into oceans deep, to deep to persevere without Godly wisdom.

    If you have an intercessory prayer team I would be willing to join it.

  19. John | | Reply

    I thank you Bruce that you have given us a challenge to be able deepen our faith in Jesus and carry Our Cross. Draw us in our faith in a deeper way. Lord Jesus, cover Bruce, Rosemary and the team in Your Most Precious Blood to guide them into what You want them to do. I also want to follow in Jesus footsteps in a deeper way, Please Lord give Bruce the understanding and Guidance to where You Lord want him to do. This I ask in Jesus Holy Name so You Father will be Glorified through His Son. I thank for answering my Prayer I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. Jesus I Trust in You

  20. celia | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, I so enjoy the freedom of sitting alone in a quiet room at different times of the day or night and hearing your words of wisdom. Tv does not provide this option for many. As a mom and gramma there are days when the option of television just turns me off. So that is just one little “con” I will present to you. Thank you for sharing the words of God in ways that are so relevant to me.

  21. Tommy | | Reply

    God does not make mistakes. Hard to fathom. When burdened I say to myself, “This is nothing compared to the pain and suffering endured on the Cross by My Lord Jesus Christ.” I am a sinner, I do not question God. Bruce, my faith is stronger and my family has been drawn closer by the cancer that touches every aspect of our lives. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Bless you and your ministry, Bruce.

  22. Mary McGee | | Reply

    Thank you for always being inspiration to us every day. I pray that your journey will continue with God’s hands holding you up. I am very thankful that this program was brought to my attention. I am getting so much out of it during this Lenten Journey.

  23. Malia Tolitule | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce! God Bless

  24. Carol | | Reply

    I would love to see this type of program expanded! I would like to listen to you during Advent, Lent, and Ordinary time! I look forward each day just to hear the calming music and read the scripture and hear your message. God bless you. You will know!!!

  25. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    i suffer from a stroke Pray for me Amen

  26. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Dear Lord I thank you because each day You surprise me with new teachings, because You love me more and more each day . You want me to go higher and wider in my christian life. Help me to carry my crosses of my every day life in order to be the person that You want me to be. Help me to be able to pay the price of the changes that You want me to have, through your Spirit.I believe in You and I love You oh Lord

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