Day 36

 Day 36


  1. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  2. Theresa | | Reply

    Thank you…..hear the whispers of God thru the busyness…..

  3. Cliff | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce
    Yes I totally agree with you
    How soon we can get our peace
    disturbed as you explained on a small
    issue of a shirt button , yet again as this
    happens we go straite to remember
    God isn’t that beautiful we ask for
    God prence immideatlly
    I am sure you would have got your ministry on its way successful
    It was so inspirational to meet you
    in person with your hard working
    Crew thank you Bruce I was gratefu
    to be with all of you on last Saturday
    In Sydney
    God Bless

  4. John | | Reply

    How wonderful Our lord is I remember as a plumber I was working on some pipe work through a wall, trying to connect the pipe to a fitting
    on the other side of this wall. I could not hold the fitting my arms weren’t long enough I was getting very frustrated and the more the fitting
    would move from it position, I go outside climb a ladder and put the fitting back in its position. On the way back inside I heard a voice say
    why don’t you ask me, I asked our Lord if would send an angel to hold the fitting in place, and I went back inside and was able to finish the
    The work. Jesus is close to you he is the only one to ask, His love for is so great he wants to help you every step of the way trust Him, He
    loves you thank Him every second of the Day. Jesus I Trust in You.

  5. Eve | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for todays message . How often we let the petty things in life disturb our peace and the evil one takes great delight in getting us all agitated that often we forget that the One who is in us is far greater than the problems we are facing and with His help there is nothing we cannot do or overcome.

  6. Malia Tolitule | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  7. Erin | | Reply

    I find God saying to me through that message: ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’
    Thanks Bruce

  8. Pat | | Reply

    I logged on to today’s page shortly after feeling frustrated by some events that occurred where I am part of a group who are being challenged for making a decision that did not suit some people – thank you for helping me calm down and think and pray about what my response will be. God bless.

  9. Diane | | Reply

    Peace is so important to feel God’s presence in our Lives

  10. Tiwiya | | Reply

    This is a message I needed to hear today and will put it in practice as soon as I finish typing this. As I’m on the train on my way home after a very busy day at work and also an emotional day helping a friend in need. I will now stop and rest in the presence of my Heavenly Father where I find all the love and peace that I need right now.

  11. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your message and prayer today. It is important to know that God is always there no matter the circumstances and issues, reassuring us to not worry, to cast all our burdens on Him and He will give us rest. Peace in His presence that’s what I yearn so I can hear myself praying from the heart and listening to God’s response or just basking in His presence, feeling free from pressures and worries, feeling loved.

  12. Tommy | | Reply

    God, I am grateful for the moment. Burce, I too have lost a button. And I, like you, was the only one who noticed. It disturbed my peace. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. I long for the quiet. I long for some peace. I did thread my last needle while patching some jeans. The eye of a needle. The camel. I do not trust many people but I Trust My Sweet Jesus. Thank you God. And Bless you Bruce.

  13. jean | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for today’s lovely message

  14. | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce very inspirational we all need reminders each and every day.
    God bless Wendy

  15. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce just what I needed to hear. I am going through some difficult stuff at the moment and am loosing my peace over it . Your message today reminded me that God is always there beside us to give us the peace we need if only we turn and trust in Him.

  16. Jenni | | Reply

    God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit please help and guide me especially with the issue of my teeth

  17. N,F,Miller Ortiz | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.. I have been badly in need of this message.. I need to calm down and rest with God. Your message is quite inspiring..
    mz o

  18. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    pray for me thanks

    • N.F. Miler Ortiz | | Reply

      You’ve have my prayers!! Hang in there!!

  19. Claudia Merkler | | Reply

    Bruce, I can relate on your thread and needle experience. My eyes are 75 so I got a needle threader only to discover my hands are the same age. You always look so put together.

  20. Bridget | | Reply

    Thanks man of God 4 u encouragement.

  21. Cristina Leira | | Reply

    Thank you Lord for today .stay with me always even in moments of difficulties and frustration . I love you Lord and I need you more and more these last days of Lent to comprehend and to walk with you until the end of my life

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