Day 39

 Day 39


  1. Rennie | | Reply

    I watch on a laptop and the little internal speakers do not produce enough volume for my ageing ears. If the advertisements can turn up the volume, I am sure you can too. People can always turn it down to suit themselves.

  2. Edward Francis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  3. Malia Tolitule | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  4. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    As an artist, I have “had “to be open to having my art-work critiqued, and at first even though I asked for the teachers evaluation….my ego would sting for a few moments, then I could accept as to what I needed to change, the end results have always been an improvement in my paintings.I sense that the same thing happens with most of us…unless what we perceive as criticism comes from a loving approach. Nathan’s message came from loving concern and true repentance was the result. Bruce you are so right it does take courage no matter how we word it, All the prophets suffered as did our lord Jesus….but that was never used as an excuse to stop reaching out in love . I pray to be gentle with myself and others when the need is so apparent.

  5. bridget | | Reply

    Thanks man of God

  6. Andrea | | Reply

    I’m not sure who I can help and how but I’m sure it will com

  7. Vicky | | Reply

    I thank God for you, Bruce. You are my “Richard”.

  8. Virginia Bower | | Reply

    Many thanks Bruce and God bless

  9. Emilia | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. How many times have we overlooked on many things because we are afraid of meddling. Dear God give me courage to step up when situations are going wrong.

  10. Valerie Simms | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the message and prayer today. I ask Holy Spirit to give me the grace of courage in order to speak up and the grace of discernment when to in love towards those who may be heading for trouble.You know Lord how difficult I find this to do.I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus, amen

  11. Tommy | | Reply

    Bruce, I too have been a cliff dweller, living life on the edge. I too have fallen for the adage if you have nothing good to say regarding a person or situation, say nothing. I no longer live on the cliff. I no longer remain silent. Silence can send the message of condoning bad behavior or bad situations. I thank my Lord Jesus for this understanding and I thank you Bruce. Hard to believe it is day 39. I have been blessed. Thank you and thank you, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

  12. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  13. N,F, Miller Ortiz | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Your message is very true, and difficult to do. One must be very careful not to judge.
    mz o

  14. Ann | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for another inspiring message. It clarified the difference between a meddler and someone who really is trying to make someone’s life better. Prayers are with you and your team.

  15. John | | Reply

    Thank You Jesus for us Your Love, When I have fallen you are always their. Jesus thank you for being there to pick me up when I have fallen.
    Thank you once again Bruce for the wisdom.

  16. Marie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing your experience with us. Both my husband and I have tried to make our youngest son’s life better, we have tried everything possible by the book for him. We are asking everyone on this forum to pray for him so that he can live a Christian life and find his calling in life. He definitely is standing on a cliff and despite all of our efforts things are not changing. Dear Lord please be by JJBN’s side and please pray for him everyone. Thanks

  17. Kaye Josephs | | Reply

    This is our calling as Christians to speak the truth with love and just sometimes the person is ready to listen. It resonates within and action is taken. It happened to me today. I’m placing my daughters’ well-being in Gods hands and praying for her but I’m still sad at times. But a Rhema radio story explained how Gods heart aches when I forget to trust in Him. I FELT this to be true today. So onward with renewed power and faith in His love. I hope I can do this for others now without judgment. God bless.

  18. conrad dsouza | | Reply

    Please pray for me am suffering from a stroke thank you

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