5 Weeks To Go

 5 Weeks To Go


  1. Alecia Albornoz | | Reply

    For Gerald’s travel

  2. Marie Lise (preferred Lise) Selvon | | Reply

    Please pray for my 3 Children, Jeanmarc, Sylvain & Stephanie
    For my mother Marie , who is 89 years old, and is in hospital we are having problem among the family to take care of her, she does not want to go in a Nursing Home
    For my sisters Clivie, Marie Claire and Desiree.

  3. michele holborn | | Reply

    please pray for my son Martin my husband Michael and my daughter and her family who we do not see and all my sick friends

  4. Lorna | | Reply

    I will be praying for the many I love. Also pray for my family to join me.

  5. Susan Caleriano | | Reply

    I think I am registered but now sure if it completely went thru please confirm

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      Hi Susan, I can confirm you have successfully registered.

  6. Mary | | Reply

    Am glad I have come to know about this program. Pls pray for my son who has disappeared from home that God will speak tp him and draw him to his amazing grace so he can find forgiveness in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. John | | Reply

    O Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Thy will be done, You take care of everything.I will be praying for my Wife, My son, His girl friend and their two children. I believe the only one who can change this situation is Our Lord Jesus and I must place all my trust In Him. Amen .

  8. wendy1956 | | Reply

    Miracles DO HAPPEN!!
    Loved this last year and looking forward to joining our team in prayer again this year.
    Last year I prayed for my alcoholic step-daughter.
    She has now been through intensive rehab and is currently alcohol free and turning her life around.
    Praise God for listening to and hearing my fervent prayers for her.

  9. Connie cachia | | Reply

    I will pray for my daughter my family especially those who are sick and for all my relatives and friends ,my pray groups friends and their families and for all those people in the world who need God’s mery

  10. Winnie | | Reply

    Praise God

  11. Laurie and Ted Lane | | Reply

    Please pray for my son who has terminal cancer

  12. Gorata Lekoko | | Reply

    I will be praying for my entire family

  13. Cliff O'Brien | | Reply

    I will be praying for my two sons to comeback to the church and Jesus
    I will pray for their lives and peace withen
    We need world peace

  14. Margaret Smith | | Reply

    I pray for my friend Aileen and her family’s

  15. christine | | Reply

    We would like prayer for our son and daughter to come back to the family. Also for all our families to become united in mutual love and respect.

  16. Hala Marco | | Reply

    please pray for my sisters’s families and my family because we have been apart from each other for a long time, I hope that we will reunited as we were before when we were sharing, loving and caring for each other in many aspects in this life. Also pray for my sons and my daughters in laws that their lives be centered with God’s Love, mercy and His Wisdom.
    For people that are settling in Australia to find peace and secure for the lives and respecting other people cultures and live in harmony.

    God bless you all.

  17. Connie cachia | | Reply

    I need prayer for my daughter and for my family for spiritual healing and physical healing.and for old Taylan who was very sick and to continue to recover.and for leo who had a knee replacement and for a friend of mine who is going through a rough time and for her family.

  18. Jennifer | | Reply

    Pray that my sons’ dreams and hopes come to fruition. Also that my relationship with my son Leo is restored & strengthened. .

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