Pray For Someone You Love Starts Tomorrow

 Pray For Someone You Love Starts Tomorrow


  1. Marie | | Reply

    thank you

  2. Margaret Chow | | Reply

    I’ll be praying for my brother Ed , his wife Amy and my sister Judy and her husband Chi.

  3. Clare | | Reply

    Thank you this is a wonderful idea. I Wil be praying for my husband’s health ,my two daughters, my mother and sister and a few friends that have cancer.

  4. Mercedes Hall | | Reply

    Im going to do sounds powerful!

  5. Mike Crashley | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and team for this opportunity to pray together – we are in our early 70.s, our golden Wedding Year, we went to World Youth Day to share with young people that if we had a row or a difference the word “Sorry” before we went to bed has been the ‘glue’ that has kept us together! When we were younger sometimes it was 2am or 4 am before we got to bed because we were so stubborn – older and wiser now we say “Sorry” and ask the Lord to work it in our hearts as we sleep so we can ‘feel’ sorry when we wake. Waiting to feel sorry can lead to a cold war eh!!! Strong personalities we had to work at our marriage and still do eh!
    What we have done for “Pray for someone you love” is that we have bought a large board and we are pinning the photos of those we are praying for on to it each day for the next 30 days and when we have finished we will have a lovely collage of our family, friends and those whose lives we care about but the first photo will be of ourselves cos we need help to pray for others.
    God bless you and the team

    • Kathy | | Reply

      That’s a beautiful idea Mike and Sandra. I will copy it.

    • Bruce | | Reply

      What we have done for “Pray for someone you love” is that we have bought a large board….. Mike and Sandra this action has greatly warmed my heart. I have so much hope for this month of prayer. The longer I have been serving the Lord the more I come across so many stories of people who so desperately are in need of God’s grace. I am excited that by the end of this month that on heavens highways there will be billboards (like yours) advertising God’s action in difficult and struggling situations. I pray that this month will heal broken bodies and minds, relationships and desires. I am praying that people will experience hopes fulfilled and dreams giving birth to new Godly adventures.

      I am not sure what country you are in but it is just after midnight here in Sydney, Australia and in a few hours time the first of the emails will be sent based on the international date line somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Even at this hour people are still registering to pray from around the world with lists of people they love.

      I do not record the videos in advance but progressively do throughout the series as this keeps them fresh and able to respond to issues that arise throughout the month. I am going to use your example in one of the videos as one to encourage others to keep their ‘score’ board on display in some way even if it is not a physical board.

      Romans 10:17 says that faith comes from what is heard. At the time of St Paul writing this most people could not read or write. There were no television or computers. Faith came through someone speaking and so through what is heard. Today faith comes to us in many ways. Keeping a record of those you are praying for and what occurs as we pray builds our faith.

      While I don’t reply to many of the emails, as there are just too many, I do read every one, every day and I am so encouraged by yours. Thank you for going this journey with Rosemary and I. We will pray for you.

      If you want to email me send it to I see everyone of these emails.

      God bless

      The Catholic Guy

  6. Kathy Sherrick | | Reply

    God bless you for this!

  7. John | | Reply

    I want to pray for my Dorothy, My Son and His Girlfriend Simone. and their two children Liam and Callum that they all surrender their lives to our Lord Jesus, That my Son gets married and have the children Baptized and follow the Catholic faith. Lord may they give their souls to you and accept that You are their Lord and Saviour. Jesus I trust in you.

  8. Cs | | Reply

    Pls pray for my husband who has not been communicating with us. He is in the bondage of adultery. My son almost committed suicide qnd also contacted std from him pls help my family thru prayers. Ty

  9. Helen | | Reply

    I am praying for my son Jono and his wife Michelle that Jono will bring her to church and she get baptised and bring us grandchildren.
    My best friend Janet that she her health is in good shape.

  10. Anna v | | Reply

    I pray for my brother Frank who has cancer , my sister Palma who has had eye surgery , my mother & father who are elderly & every family ….

  11. Sylvia Guerra | | Reply

    Beautiful thank you so much!!!

  12. Sylvia Guerra | | Reply

    Beautiful idea thank you so much!!!!

  13. Theresa | | Reply

    Glorious idea.. I’ll be praying for my three adult children’s Danielle , Paul & Jacquelyns health, my sisters Catherine, Mary & Louise health and brother in law Tommy and son in laws Carlos & Francois health.. grandchildren Joshua, Isabella, Antonio & Dante health & safety..
    thank you so much ..

  14. Delma R. Murray | | Reply

    I pray for my Mother, Evangeline Gorospe Rodel who had a Stroke the lady 2 mos. n now can’t talk nor see n have difficulties in hearing as her brain bleeds n now quickly deteriorating in her health condition that God s loving mercy be upon her n whatever Gods will for her be done n I trust Him to pardon her n show her the light she needs in this time of her hardship that the Spirit of Jesus shines upon my mother n that our whole families are able to accept Gods will. I ask this in Jesus mighty name. Anen.

  15. Rick A | | Reply

    I pray that more people in Australia take Bruce’s lead and stand up for what is good and decent while we still can. Our children are under enormous pressure because of shallow social media that we need to guide them through. Thanks Bruce for articulating what we all feel, and keep up the great work with Rosemary. We’ll pray too for your continuing commitment.

  16. Trudi Simpson | | Reply

    I would like to pray for my son that he will soon find work. I would like to pray for all my children to come back to the faith. Thank you Bruce for giving us this opportunity.

  17. John | | Reply

    O Jesus, I Surrender myself to You, Your will be done, take care of everything.
    Jesus I trust in You. Lord You are My Beloved Saviour and King I thank You for
    Loving me.

  18. Hetty DeHaney | | Reply

    Thank you. I will be praying for my sons and grandsons, especially my second son and his son, my first grandson.

  19. Helen | | Reply

    I am also praying for my 2nd son and his girl friend and my husband.

  20. Helen | | Reply

    I am praying for all the world leaders that they make decent decisions, so that everyone lives peacefully.

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