Day 2 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 2 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 2 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Rosie Noranho | | Reply

    That was so beautiful. Thank you for your prayers.

  2. Marina | | Reply

    Praying for God’s plan & purpose to come through for Ramit & for all my family members.

  3. Michele Holborn | | Reply


    • Rey | | Reply

      I pray for my boyfriend who walked out and I can’t tell him because he doesn’t talk to me either.I believe God will turn him and he will come back.

  4. Helen Lauritz | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your inspiration today

  5. Lucille | | Reply

    This is exactly what I pray for my own 2 sons who don’t know what to believe in. I pray they find God and all that means for them.
    Thank you for this wonderful message.

  6. Jenni Holland | | Reply

    I’ve added another person to my list after today’s talk!

  7. Marilyn Davis | | Reply

    Good job Bruce! You were right on the money today. From Marilyn in Canada.

  8. Maree | | Reply

    simple beautiful and so inspiring God bless

  9. Di Franks | | Reply

    Thank you

  10. Cheryl Grace | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your beautiful words this morning.

  11. Gabriella | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team, what wonderful work you do! I love this idea of letting the people know and as you say I might be surprised by their reaction. It’s making it more real too :)

  12. Wendy R | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce – abundant blessings to you and your team :)

  13. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, for your message, filled with inspiration and uplifting of spirit.
    For inviting us to challenge ourselves…
    When we invite others to ‘nominate’ a prayer request…. they have joined in prayer. – In thought, or spoken words, they share their message of hope.
    Through voices spoken or the silence of our heart, …
    God hears each whisper.

  14. Joan | | Reply

    Thank you; praying for my daughter in law, who I cannot tell. She does her best to not spend any time with me; not even to speak to me when we do visit our 3 precious grandchildren and our son.

  15. christine | | Reply

    Thank you for praying for all our family and friends we hope that the Lord blesses all of them and renews they hearts.

  16. Raymond Russo | | Reply

    Great Idea Bruce…I will do as suggested and also I would like you to know that I am praying for your intentions also…Raymond

  17. John Hall | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, great to have you back. God bless you and your team.

  18. MERWYN D'SOUZA | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. I am going to text someone I love and tell that person I am praying, prompted by your ministry. God bless.

  19. Marilyn | | Reply

    Praying for my oldest Son to get help and be safe from harm to himself , my Daughter and her unborn baby have a safe confinement and delivery and my youngest Son to be safe with his girlfriend living a long way from home. Praying also for myself to trust God more and for all
    My family and friends. Amen

  20. Lexie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Your message today really hit the mark for me. God bless

  21. David Fong | | Reply

    Thank you for your prayers! May God do amazing works this coming month!

  22. Valerie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the lovely message concerning the ducks and ducklings. As always your prayers are heartfelt. I too have a story about a mother duck and her ducklings! They were all crossing a main road all in a line and made it to the other side before our car drove passed them ! The Lord was really looking after them all that day! Just imagine what He does for us and will do as we pray for our loved ones and those concerned. Thank you also Scott for coming back to me on the email I sent to you. It was much appreciated.

  23. Marie Williamson | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I suspect you will never know how much you are helping people, me in particular, to come closer to God. May you be mightily blessed for this.

  24. Valerie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for that lovely message and as always your prayers are heartfelt. I too have a story about a mother duck and her ducklings. They were crossing a main road all in a line and had made it to the other side before our car drove by! The Lord took care of them!! Imagine what the Lord does for us!!! What the Lord will do for us when we pray for our loved ones and for those concerned. Thank you too Scott for coming back to me about my email I sent.

  25. Malia Tolitule | | Reply

    Wonder work Bruce, thank you

  26. Andrea MacIntyre | | Reply

    Great analogy. It is so blessed to know we are praying with many others for our loved ones. May all all our loved ones be set free to know love and serve our loving Savior.

  27. Nicole best | | Reply

    Thank you ..amen….why don’t u make the sign of the cross before and after prayer?…God bless you…

  28. Judy | | Reply

    I am praying for discernment and for my daughter and grandson to find Christ and all my relatives and friends and for our world. Amen In Jesus name God’s will be done. Amen

  29. Karen Garvin | | Reply

    Thank you just the encouragement I needed

  30. Sally | | Reply

    I have already had two of my prayers answered, so I know this works.

  31. Edward Francics | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  32. Rob | | Reply

    Wow! My most accepting and considerate response to my prayer note was from the person I consider furthest from God! The intecessor model in action! Praise God and thank u Bruce for my inspiration to do this.

  33. Alecia Albornoz | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. I would like to pray for my parents, brother and uncles who passed away.

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