Day 3 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 3 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 3 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Felicia | | Reply

    Thanks very much for this prayer program.

  2. Colleen | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Yes indeed, surrender and trust is what I need to do on this journey of prayer. God bless you and your team.

  3. Jan | | Reply

    The power of our daily or moment by moment choice. I choose to trust.

  4. Maria | | Reply

    Bruce, your daily conversations with us always seem so appropriate and in sync with what is currently hppening in my life or what is in my mind. You always hit the nail on the head.. May God continue to bless you, Rosemary, your family and your team. Thank you.

  5. Cathy | | Reply

    Bruce, this is so true … trust, surrender and be at peace. I’ve seen it in my own life. It’s not necessarily second-nature to me though – usually surrender follows struggle, pain and the frustration of not being able to do any more to change a situation. But peace always follows surrender. I pray for all those who struggle, that we might learn to first trust God and surrender to His will so that we may be at peace in His love.

  6. Amber Mahlis | | Reply

    Yes trust and surrender is truly what I must do to get to that place of peace. Thank you for today’s prayer Bruce.

  7. Gabriella | | Reply

    Letting people know that I’m praying for them has been a good and surprising thing, thank you! Someone was really touched that I was thinking of him and glad to give me a specific payer point. A younger person, who I thought might just shrug it off, reacted very positively as well! Thank you and bless you all for this wonderful ministry!

  8. Maria Giorgio | | Reply

    Thank you for been in my home for the prays we are praying for💕

  9. MERWYN D'SOUZA | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this beautiful message of total surrender since I know deep down there is nothing I can do but He can do all things. His will be done. He is in perfect control.

  10. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Today, I surrender my prayers for families I don’t know, personally. –
    In hearing about their pain, their inability to reach, or help their loved ones,
    (and blaming themselves, for a situation, behind their control). –
    Lord, I will never know if they have a faith, if they will surrender their loved ones, their own pain, to you, or the outcome. …. Howecer, today, I will entrust them to your loving care.
    Uplift them, Lord…… In you I trust, In you I trust, In you we trust. –

    In my ‘homework challenge’ from yesterday, I asked those I am praying for, what what they would like me to pray for …. one of my sons. told me to pray for the above families. he came across, that told him their story!……
    I was touched, that his request was for someone else!
    Together, in prayer, we share our care. …. In you, Lord, we trust.

  11. Andrea MacIntyre | | Reply

    Yes Lord I trust in you. I concentrate all my loved ones to your Sacred Heart and I rest in Your Peace. Amen

  12. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Sometime ago,before Mass, I was handed a small booklet and on the front was written THE SURRENDER PRAYER, I took it home and started to prayer the short prayers that can become a novena if so wished I have learned since praying this daily that I now lift every person just by name and place them on the Lord’s Table saying Jesus You take care of everything ……and leave them along with myself with Him…….I have stopped being anxious about what I think we need and leave it like Mary in His hands.

    • Lois blakemore | | Reply

      Lovely you are having this peace Yvonne. Love to you. Lois blakemore ex Kurri kurri. Now in sydney God bless you and Don

  13. Jenni | | Reply

    Trust , surrender and be at peace. God, in you I trust

  14. Janet Kruger | | Reply

    To reach out in love, then to trust those we love to a loving God knowing He knows what is best enables us too to surrender ourselves to THE love.

  15. Nicole | | Reply

    It is the only way, the way of the cross. Trust & surrender.👣Lord give us the grace for this.

  16. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    I surrender my all to You!!!!

  17. Valerie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for encouraging us to surrender our loved ones and ourselves and all our cares to the Lord. Yes there is only so much we can do. God is infinitely greater and is in charge, in control. Surrendering and trusting in His will and care sometimes seems the most difficult thing to do, it is for our best and for our peace of mind. I would like to say to Yvonne that I too was given the Surrender Prayer pamphlet. A lady at my Church gave it to me a few days later after hearing I was having serious battles personally. I try to pray the Surrender Prayer, Words of Jesus given to Don Dolindo Ruotolo every day. I have to say I haven’t prayed for a couple of days and this has been a very timely reminder to do so! Thank you Bruce and Yvonne. I will also include those who I am praying for, surrendering all of us Lord Jesus to You and You please take care of everything !!!

  18. Lois blakemore | | Reply

    I was worrying this morning about a decision one of my children is making. And now in God i trust. He will guide her. She also is a follower of God Jesus. Thank you Bruce for reminding me we cannot change others only God can do that and then we receive peace by our surrender and prayer. God bless you Bruce and your team and thank you for leading us to greater communion with our Father

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