Day 4 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 4 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 4 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Helen | | Reply

    Lord I am so blessed to be able to listen to this special programme that hopefully, it will not only help those I love but also increase my own faith.

  2. Judeson Simethy | | Reply

    Steve. Thank you. I noticed that you don’t take mother Mary name.

  3. Sikelelwa | | Reply

    Thank you very much this is helping me as well to increase my faith and to love unconditionally as our father did to us

  4. Valerie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for challenging me or thank You Lord for challenging me through the words spoken by Bruce! They have been timely reminders to focus and give time to seriously pray surrendering my loved ones and myself to You. I can make good use of my time this week end Lord and catch up. God bless you and your family Bruce and TCG team. Looking forward to Monday’s Pray For Someone You Love. Bye for now Valerie

  5. Mercedes Hall | | Reply

    as always PROFOUND words.
    Thank you in Jesus name.

  6. John | | Reply

    On on going thank you Brother Bruce and the CG team.

  7. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    We can so easily become distracted, by others, events and life. – Today was one such day… However,, I remained focused enough to remember and think about reading today’s message,….
    understanding and reflecting.
    Lord, please bless me during the busy and uncertain moments, in my life.
    That I may take time out, to speak, and hear your message. – To find the time to reflect deeply, within myself, restoring
    balance and harmony.
    Lord, I pray for clarity, in all that I am, and all I can be.

  8. Alecia Albornoz | | Reply

    I want to pray for Marcela. Gives peace in her heart. Also open doors to Gerald to come over tomorrow.

  9. Julie Visser | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for the wonderful videos. They are helping me devote time to pray meaningfully for the ones I love. The videos also assist me in focussing on growing my faith. Thank you Bruce for your guidance and continued support during November.

  10. John | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for opening our minds to Prayer, that bring us closer to Our Lord Jesus

  11. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, A catch up and revisit day or two is a great idea. I heard today that there has already been a positive change for one of the people I have been praying for who has been unwell. Thank you for joining with us to make our prayers even more powerful

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