Day 15 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 15 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 15 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Bridget Tan | | Reply

    I’m in Singapore, and I am bringing to mind the people who I love n people who matter to me. I pray that our heavenly Father is hearing my prayer and mapping their lives – protecting them, drawing them closer to Him so they can experience His love. Amen

  2. Dave | | Reply

    At the start of this month I sent a text to a work mate, that I would be praying for him this month. He asked why and thanked me, then asked me if we can catch up for lunch the next day, I said how about we go to the sandwich place at such and such…. he replied…….. are you stalking me… I laughed and I said, no I’m at home preparing dinner… He said, I’m in front of that sandwich place now, and he just was so amazed. As hard as it was to tell him that I would pray for him, I’m so glad I did and God works wonders when we truly mean it. I am in Sydney 😀

  3. Malia | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce!

  4. gloria | | Reply

    i am in Australia..I been praying for my close friend and i told him last night that i include him in my daily prayer..He seemed full of burden for what his life had turned out but he said that he always prays to our Father for forgiveness asking for blessings..How I wish to see him being on mend and stick to what is best for him..

  5. Gabriele | | Reply

    I pray for my husband that he be transformed from the life he is leading. that he gives it up & like the lost sheep is brought back by jesus. to the family fold. help him to see the right path. He knows I pray for him but doesn’t seem to care.

  6. Anne Bowyer | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce for your very ‘strong’ video once more .
    Bless you.
    Anne .Sunshine Coast, Queensland,Australia.

  7. Jenni | | Reply

    Pottsville, Australia. I’m praying for my sister Penny, two sons Dale and Steve and husband greg

  8. Rosemary | | Reply

    Thank you for articulating so eloquently just what I want to share with the person I am praying for. Your words have moved me to tears. The recipient of my prayers is unbelievably grateful. He feels loved and valued. Rosemary, Australia

  9. Mike & Sandra | | Reply

    We live in New Zealand and we are praying for our family one per day and putting a photo of each one on our new prayer board each day. We have just sent a message to one of our granddaughters whose turn it is today to let her know we are praying for her and it is so relevant because her Dad died not so very long ago

  10. Ida | | Reply

    I live in Australia and I told the person I love over the weekend that I am praying for her.

  11. Maria | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. You are a great encourager. Our God is supreme andmerciful. prayers are indeed beig answered! My niece went through surgery just at the right time. My son’s garden is being done as I write and I know that it will be done better than expected. Yes prayers are big and small but most of all we worship our God for his love and care towards us. Maria

  12. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for leading me to be more specific in praying for some I love, and thank you for others who have prayed for me. Prayers are being answered all around me.
    Thank you God. Amen

  13. Lysiane Mariole | | Reply

    I have taken the first step to reach out and it had positive results. I am going to try again to-day.

  14. christine | | Reply

    I would love to be able to tell the people that I am praying for that I am doing it but they will not talk to me or see me. In God I trust that he lets my children know how much I love and pray for them every day but especially this month. Australia

    • Rita Lewis | | Reply

      I will pray for your children, that they may reach out to you, and feel your love and support. I pray that God intercedes, and instills love and light. God bless.

      • Debbie | | Reply

        I will pray for you. Something like that goes straight to your heart and robs you of your joy. I will pray and is it possible for you to sit with the Blessed Sacrament? I find comfort there.

  15. Edmund LeBlanc | | Reply

    I,m in eastern Canada and I,m praying for a few special people who are terminal and a few having surgery. ,

  16. Deanna Francke | | Reply

    I will be sending an SMS to let my nephew Sheharn know that I am praying for him. Deanna Perth Western Australia.

  17. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Aubrey, for reminding us; we can touch the lives, and easily, (and so positively), leave our ‘mark’ on others .
    Together we can reach out. individually, and as a group.
    Today, once again, I will speak to my family, those I love, about my praying for them. I will also send (email/ text), messages of prayers to others, hurting. I will send messages out directly, to the universe. to those I don’t know, who need God in their lives. Today, I would like to be Gods eyes voice, and touch…… reaching out to all. We are all precious and deserving.
    …Victoria, Australia

  18. Paula | | Reply

    I’m in Moree, NSW, Australia. I sent a text today to my 2 brothers to let them know I was praying for them. They both thanked me and one, in particular, was really grateful.

  19. Kay | | Reply

    I’m in Brisbane and praying for my son inlaw I texted him to tell him ..he was surprised and thanked me which made me feel good that he appreciated that I was doing that for him

  20. Valerie | | Reply

    I’m in Sydney, Australia and honestly feel that out of the twenty one people I am praying for would either not care or appreciate it. I will continue to pray for them and if the Lord wants me to tell any of them then He let’s me know in a way only He can.

  21. Valerie | | Reply

    I forgot to tell you Bruce thank you for the message and prayer, for interceding for us. I need it!!!

  22. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. I am in Australia

  23. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    I am in Sydney, Australia and I had just sent an email to a very ill friend telling her that I am praying for her daily literally seconds before opening today’s video link. Incredible how our God works.
    I trust in you Father who knows the whole picture to work in her life even if as it appears that she may not be healed, in the name of Jesus through your Holy Spirit.

  24. George Bell | | Reply

    I am in Huntsville, Alabama United States Of America
    I am praying for my wife

  25. Barbara Durand | | Reply

    I am in Victoria and I am praying for my two sons who need the loving touch of Jesus for healing, also one of them desperately needs a job. I pray that God will give me the strength to tell them that I am praying for them.

  26. Trish | | Reply

    I’m in Pennsylvania, USA and am praying for our new President Elect Donald Trump and his family and praying for the young people that are so full of God-lessness to find God and reflect that in their daily lives. LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE!!!!

  27. Joann drummond | | Reply

    Joann, Kansas United States. Thank you Bruce. I appreciate your messages.

  28. Cheryl | | Reply

    I’m in Canada and am praying for those I love.

  29. Pat | | Reply

    I’m in Georgia, USA and I’m praying for those closest to me and also two friends that need peace at this time. Thank you, Lord, for your steadfast love. Amen!

  30. Debbie | | Reply

    Hi! I am in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
    I have been praying for three priests here in Fayetteville. One responded out of the three. I didn’t expect any of them to reply, actually. The one who responded is my Confessor and spiritual director. Still I was surprised. Just that one responded in appreciation really made my day. I marked him and he also marked mine! Thank You God!

  31. Lois A Pusateri | | Reply

    I am in Belton, Mo. USA and I told my daughter that I am praying for her this month as we pray for someone we love.

  32. Mary | | Reply

    Praying in the USA! I told my son that I would be praying for him and his wife this month. He was blown away and very grateful!

  33. Heather Neave | | Reply

    I’m in South Africa & I told a very Dear and Special friend I am praying for her today. She lives in Perth

  34. Shirley | | Reply

    I’m in USA Bruce, I pray daily. Several times a day. My heart is broken, that children of this world, think sucide is the way out. I do send extra prayers, for those who pass away. When out driving or shopping around, I add a little prayer for all those who I see, speak with, or just come in my area of life. 😇🙏🏽 Smile God loves us all
    I text my grandchildren with I’m saying the rosaries for you guys today . Let Peace and Love into yours hearts today.
    Thanks Bruce and your total group. For all you do
    Love the fact you did continue on the the 4 lady’s and had your conference with them. I. Eat they was on cloud 9. As my mom would say.

  35. Ann | | Reply

    I am writing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and today I emailed a good friend that I have been praying for her and her family. Thank s to all of you for praying for my family.

  36. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    Praying for loved ones from Myrtle Beach,SC..USA

  37. Michele Holborn | | Reply


  38. Malcolm Stewart | | Reply

    I am in oz – I am preying for my daughter and my other estranged daughter, my son and friend

  39. Joan | | Reply

    I live in Australia and am praying for my daughter-in-law. I will see her this Friday – I will pray for courage and wisdom to tell her that I am praying for her.

  40. Bernadette Jansen | | Reply

    I am in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

  41. Linda | | Reply

    I am in the US, praying for my beloved husband…He had asked me to pray for him before this program even started…I have already seen God at work in him in these first 15 days. Our God is such and AWESOME God!

  42. Kathy Kelly | | Reply

    I am in Alabama,USA, and am praying for my sister in Idaho. She said thanks.

  43. Delores Du Charme | | Reply

    USA-Wisconsin Daily I pray for all who need it most and in thanksgiving for all who have touched my life in any way.. I am a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration whose community prays for world peace 24/7. Delores

  44. Connie Henderson | | Reply

    I am in Ohio, USA. I’m praying for members of my family

  45. Margie | | Reply

    I am in New Zealand 🇳🇿 O the power of prayer 🙏

  46. Dorothy | | Reply

    I am in the U.S. Your daily exhortations are very helpful and meaningful to me. I will take your advise to let people know I’m praying for them. Thanks.

  47. shranima | | Reply

    I tell my son almost everyday that I am praying for him…I just told him again….

  48. Beatrice | | Reply

    I am in Cameroon and am going to tell someone am praying for that I am praying for them.

  49. Helen | | Reply

    I am in NZ. I am praying for family and priests. I have not, as yet told anyone I am praying for them.

  50. Joanne | | Reply

    I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. Just let those I am praying for know today.

  51. Pina | | Reply

    I’m in Italy and praying for my daughters, thanks Bruce

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