Day 17 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 17 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 17 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Lina | | Reply

    Oh Lord, give me the faith I need……

  2. Feliciana | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I am praying for my son to come back to church and I ask your team members to do the same
    For me
    Thank you

  3. Debbie Barry | | Reply

    Every day you give me encouragement to pray. Today, I realised how much I take for granted, that God is there, even when I forget about him, Today I pray for the renewed intention to ask God in my prayers for what I and the world needs in the ways God grants me my wishes. I am grateful to God for my life, full of its joys and sorrows too.Thank you Bruce.

  4. Virginia Hasker | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your daily message. My husband and I are following and praying everyday for our son and his family. We are also including our daughter and her family now as they are experiencing some difficult problems. Your program allows us the opportunity to share this prayer time together and it is a great blessing for us all.

  5. Katrina | | Reply

    Thankyou Bruce, so what I needed to hear. 🙏🏻

  6. Juliet | | Reply

    Thank Bruce God bless you. My prayer is God make my friend Afolabi a better person. Remove the heart of evil and plant in him the fear of God and love for humanity. I love him very much.

  7. Sandra Crashley | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce – just cried tears of joy because we are that couple with the board and it has just hit me that we are all praying in this together – so our prayers for our board/list includes everybody else that is around the globe that has joined in daily praying in “Pray For Someone You Love” and their individual or list! Wow this is powerful God’s engine room for prayer must be real extra busy right now with ordinary stuff from your huge team of prayers around the world – I mean the people that are not on the “accident and emergency list of prayer” that we all do when someone we know is in urgent need. Even non-believers whisper hope and prayer and thank us for saying we are praying when something huge has gone wrong in their lives.
    So far we have faithfully put a photo one by one of our children and grandchildren on the board each day – just got 4 more grandchildren to go – we have 13! But when that is finished we are next on to siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins and their families including distant cousins – whole families per day – not separate photos though but a collage of family members from photos we have. We are hobby genealogists so that ‘distant’ cousins is really, really BIG as we have found and contacted distant cousins all over the world! Then we plan to move on to friends and their families. Then the people we have cared for and about over the years including favourite charities, which will include “The Catholic guy” – suppose we ought to finish with a photo of the world eh on November 30th and that should cover everything!

  8. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for these gentle reminders and inspirations.
    I sold my house and asked for a specific amount to be left in my hand, after all cost are taken out..
    I received the exact amount i asked for. Thank you God.

  9. Jeevaraj | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, Thank you very much. It is very interesting. Keep it up. God bless you all .

  10. margrit | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. We all need to hear this over and over again.

  11. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    As I begin my daily prayers, I have become more diligent, focused and aware of whom I am praying for. – As my list grows and extends,so too my faith and trust in God. I believe he journeys with us, especially in our time of need. Even when our prayers seem unheard or answered. I continue with hope and belief. This is possible, because I am able to hand my concerns to God, to intercede…. In his timing, according to his plan.
    In him I trust.

  12. Ann | | Reply

    Thank you again Bruce . I have learned so much from you regarding prayer and different ways to pray. Many times during the day I turn to Jesus , Mary and Joseph and all the angels and saints. Very comforting. Thank you again for coming into so many lives and making the world a better place.

  13. Edward Francics | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  14. Michele Holborn | | Reply

    Please pray for my family who i love very much and Vicky amen

  15. Andree Herrington | | Reply

    I was amazed that you mentioned Donald Trump in today’s video. Yesterday I had added him to my prayer list asking God to guide him as he makes plans to lead my country. AKH

  16. Helen | | Reply

    As I continue this ‘pray for someone you love’which is my family and extended family, I have found that I have extended the list to include our priests, friends, and people I meet each day. I thank you Lord Jesus,through Bruce’s talk each day,for helping me to increase my prayer circle. Amen

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