Day 23 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 23 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 23 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Edward Francics | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce

  2. Michele Holborn | | Reply


  3. Anne Dimech | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce I too love to hear your words every morning

  4. Colleen | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce.

  5. Beatrice | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce. Remain blessed.

  6. j | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for putting another perspective on our own expectations and outcomes of what we expect from prayer, like you say we may never know the outcome of our prayers, but we have to be committed and leave the results up to God’s will.

  7. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce….Once again, a very powerful message! So true,..we uplift our concerns to God, wanting ‘results’ now!
    I trust in God, in his timing, …every step of our journey does happen for a reason.
    Those who have come into my life, (even those who have hurt me), have been included for a reason/ purpose. There are lessons we learn, growth, on so many levels. As I await my own answers, from God, I place my heart, in his hands … He knows best, …in his timing, not mine!
    Thy will be done!

  8. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your continued inspirational insight and prayers.

  9. Janet | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, your talk reminded me of Abraham & God’s promise to him. Patience is definitely a virtue.

  10. Jeevaraj | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, wonderful posting. Well done. Thanks and God bless you.

  11. wendy1956 | | Reply

    Bruce, last year I signed up for the Pray for Someone You Love emails and prayed for my step-daughter (an alcoholic). She had lost almost everything she had worked for in her life including her self-respect. Now she has been through six months at rehab and is on the right path. If I had wanted results last November, I would have been disappointed but, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that all things worked together for her greater good and she is now well and truly on the right path. I know the person I am prayng for this year – my own son – will benefit in the same way when God feels the time is right for him. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration xo

  12. John McCabe | | Reply

    Thank You Heavenly Father for the Men and Woman who have the courage to do Your will and surrender their lives to You.
    Your way are perfect. Lord bring more Men and Women to the Harvest so to Lead us to Your Holy will
    and draw more Men to your Son Jesus so to give Glory and Praise to Him. Thank You My Lord. Amen

  13. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  14. Artelle Lenthall | | Reply

    Gave me the courage I needed today- thank you Bruce

  15. Kathy Kelly | | Reply

    Thank you for your perspective on our prayers and results! I look forward to your message everyday!

  16. Elizabeth | | Reply

    Wow what a great message to a result driven world!

  17. Shelley | | Reply

    Thank you, Bruce. That was such a powerful message.

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