Day 24 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 24 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 24 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Edward Francics | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce

  2. Helen Lauritx | | Reply

    I look forward each day to your presentation It kickstarts my day on my journey of faith Thankyou

  3. Gabriella | | Reply

    Thank you again :) But then, on the other hand, Jesus asks the blind man what he wants. This, I find at times confusing; I know God understands the situation I pray for thoroughly and I believe deeply that I just need to place my requests before God and trust in his powerful doings. But sometimes we do pray for specifics. Is this futile, since God has the bigger picture anyway?

    • Lina | | Reply

      Yes Gabriella, I understand what you are saying. I prayed for the healing of my sister in law, but she died of cancer anyway. It is very difficult when our deep yearnings and hopes for our loved ones aren’t fulfilled, it is hard not to feel bitter at times and wonder why? But I think that walking in faith means that God has a better plan, a bigger picture, that we may see with time, but then again we may not. I believe that Life is better with faith and a belief in a loving God and that ultimately all we can do is trust in God’s abundant love for us. When you love someone you want the best for them.

      • Leonie Cornell | | Reply

        Lina. I am a bit late in viewing this days message. But I wanted to reply to you. I had a very close friend who passed away from cancer at the end of 2014 after over a years journey. All through her journey she would not hear that God wanted anything for her but healing. Even when given weeks to live, she would not share that message only one of hope. At her memorial one of her sons spoke along with several others including me. He does not share her faith in God but was totally in acordence with her belief that God healed her.

        He said. Mum would not hear of anything but full healing. I believe that was granted to her in that she is now totally healed after passing and during her last weeks was totally free of any pain through great service in her hospice and being unconscious and pain free for her last 2 weeks. So healing and answering prayers takes many forms for God and you are correct in that we do not see the bigger picture. 2 years on and my friends legacy is still bearing fruit and her 4 adult children are on an interesting journey themselves, probably further towards God or closer and also lives with more self confidence and joy than before. They certainly have someone who is able to pray for them constantly without the need for the strings of life here. And my prayers to God for friends has certainly been I believe enhanced by the prayers of my 2 best friends who left us all so close in time to each other.

        And you are correct also in saying when we love someone we want the best for them, not for ourselves. My friends passing from this life certainly lead me to much closer relationship with God and of Course the mentoring of the Catholic Guy was so prevalent in this journey also.

        • Lina | | Reply

          Thanks for your response Leonie, it helps me to suspend my bitterness and to believe that something is happening that I don’t understand or know about. That’s what having faith is. I will certainly keep this in mind and look for any signs of Gods work. God bless, Lina

  4. Maria Giorgio | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for bring this into my life and home God Bless

  5. Delma Rodel Murray | | Reply

    Yes, God your will be done , you are the mighty one, our beginning and our end, your power of healing and your comfort we entrust everything our tragedies, joys and sorrows at this moment in time thou grief surrounds us, I uphold to your great name and glory it’s all your Will not ours. I thank you Our Father thru your son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

  6. Jeevaraj | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. It is lovely and nice to listen. Yes, many a times we don’t know why things happen that should not. As you say we don’t know the answer. It is true.

  7. Margaret Smith | | Reply

    Thank you for these powerful reflections, Bruce. “God, you are in charge. May your perfect Will be done.gone. We do not know the answer or the details so we walk in faith.”
    You have enriched my life so much and helped me so much in praying for others.God bless you your staff and family and your ministry.
    Margaret Smith

  8. Yvonne McAskill | | Reply

    Each day I offer the long list of those that I pray for, some I have a fair idea of what is needed, but as I bring each one I say their name.(this is helping my memory no end) And I take them as I take my offering at Mass…The good Lord changes each one according to His knowledge of them…and like the wine changing into His BODY, I believe that each perso is transformed in some way. And I thank my God that He remembers all each by name Amen

  9. Cedric Auwardt | | Reply

    Thanks Barry

  10. Elisabeth | | Reply

    Thank you again Bruce for your thoughts and inspirations.

  11. Liz Picker | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this true understanding of prayer.

  12. Valerie | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for your message and prayer reminding us that we don’t need to have all the details that is not our job. Believing that God does, He knows what’s best in all our situations even those that are pain filled and seem hopeless, confusing, beyond our own understanding. There is still hope in His promises, that He can make good come out of bad. With God all is possible! I ask Lord for more faith while I pray for my loved ones and myself, surrendering all of us to You. Please take care of all of us and everything in our lives, our past,present and future. Let Your perfect will be done I ask this Loving Father in the name of Your Beloved Son and our Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, Thank You Lord God.I love You who is Love…amen.

  13. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. May God bless you your family and your team.

  14. Cheryl | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. Today I especially pray for my friends who list their young son to cancer, that they may be comforted.

  15. Ann | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for giving me inspiration and enlightening me on the true meaning of prayer. Prayers are with you.

  16. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce. This 30 day journey in prayer, has taken me to a deeper understanding of prayer. Each day, I feel I can ‘add’ and enrich the way I pray.
    So true, God does have all the details, sees the bigger picture, … It is not for me to ‘unravel’ or question or understand why? In him I trust, and place my hope and belief, whatever the outcome.
    Thy will be done.

  17. Dave | | Reply

    Thanks, for the clarity. May there souls rest in peace. Amen

  18. rose | | Reply

    I pray for my gran children …so much power in prayer ,,

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