Day 30 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to Day 30 of the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Day 30 – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. Timothy Monaghan | | Reply

    God’s blessing on you Bruce, your family, your teams/s and the work you are doing in God’s name. Have a “Mary” Advent and a “Mary” Christmas!

  2. Colleen | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for taking me on this journey of prayer. I continue to pray for a family member who is so cynical about the reality of a powerful God. Please pray that his heart may not continue to be so hardened. God bless you and your family and have a blessed Christmas.

  3. Michele Holborn | | Reply


  4. Jenni Holland | | Reply

    This PFSYL has been great. I find I love praying now, especially the 15 minutes a day. I prayed for one of my sisters, two of my 4 sons and my husband. One of my sons prayers were heard and granted the very first day – he sold his house after being listed for one day! The other son needs work And looks like he may have a greAt job. I don’t know about my sister but I’ll have to continue praying for my husband!
    I’ve had the opportunity to do retreat with you, Bruce, at gympie and Tweed Heads. I’d love to do another one.
    Thanks Bruce for bringing God Jesus and the Holy Spirirt into my life.

  5. Myree Russell | | Reply

    This has been a wonderful series. I have had the opportunity to pass the series on to a friend. I have prayed fir my sons and i look forward to a time when my boys have the faith that would lead them to pray for me.

  6. Chris | | Reply

    This is a wonderful way to reach people in our modern world. It has given me hope.

  7. Virginia Hasker | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for giving us this special opportunity to pray with everyone else for people we love. My husband Sim and I have shared your message and prayed together each morning for our family. This is the first time in 46 years of married life that we have done this. It has been an enjoyable and special time which has given us the opportunity to think of the family on a daily basis and think of what their needs might be. It has given us the opening to pray together which is a great blessing. God bless you and your family.

  8. Jeevaraj | | Reply

    Dear Bruce and the team, hats off to your ministry. I continue with such habit of praying for people not only whom I know but even those who are in need of my prayer. God bless you all. Have a holy Christmas and a happy new year 2017.
    Thanks and God’s blessings be on all who seek for Him,

  9. Lysiane Mariole | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for giving me the opportunity to pray for the people I love. I have already seen positive changes in one of my family members and
    keep trusting our Lord that he will very soon soften the heart of the other family Member. Merry Christmas to you and your family and God Bless you all.

  10. christine | | Reply

    Thank you I have not seen any answer to my prayers in the people I was praying for but I feel like I have some hope for the future with these people in my family.

  11. Rosemary Basham | | Reply

    Thank you and God bless you and keep you well and strong to continueHis work. You words have lifted me when I was down given hope and encouragement to keep on, continue the prayers when all looks lost. Happy Christmas

  12. Marlene | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this past months videos. I looked forward daily to your presentation and applied some circumstances to my own. So true that contact with God through daily prayer seems to help so much. It is my lifeline. I enjoyed the extra video on Prayer as an extra confirmation. I am always praying for others, so this November did not seem any different to me as far a praying for others as I just continued to do so. I usually pray for those in most need and for my family of course. Children, Grandchildren, brothers sisters and for the sick in our family and friends..I will say a special prayer for you and your team now as you continue in this important ministry. God Bless you all.

  13. Di Franks | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and team. Whilst praying for others, the lord actually made me realise how stressed I am…carrying issues that I can’t really deal with…only God can. It has effected my health so I need to hand over to God all that is concerning me and learn to rest in his presence through prayer. It is hard to give up a lifetime of anxiety because it has become a habit. God will help me through this I know. I now include myself in the list of people I am praying for. Thank you.

  14. Marilyn | | Reply

    What a wonderful month of prayer and reflection I have had and a miracle has begun in my Sons life of healing and getting help to get well and being happy again. For us as parents we are seeing the change in him and pray and thank the caring Doctor and lawyer for caring and believing in him. For my daughter and her unborn baby who are doing well and I pray we will have a healthy mum and baby in two months time. For my younger Son & his girlfriend living overseas, that you will continue to keep them safe and myself and my family and friends I have given up to you Lord on this journey, I thank you and for Bruce, his family and team for the amazing commitment in spreading Gods word in such a meaningful and relatable way. God Bless. Marilyn

  15. Deanna Francke | | Reply

    Hi Bruce &team thank you for this amazing journey of prayer. I have not seen any great changes in my life or my nephew”s (Sheharn) whom I prayed for, but I am sure I will see changes in the days to come. Thank you again for this opportunity to pray & draw closer to God. Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year. God Bless you all.

  16. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Dear Bruce, Rosemary and Team,
    This prayer journey has been one of healing, hope, inspiration and empowerment. I have listened, applied and focused on all you have inspired us to be.
    My testament to this 30 day prayer journey, commenced with a solid commitment to listen and respond from heart, on a daily basis. To reflect, and ‘go deeper’ in prayer, for my loved ones, those I have not met, even those who are yet to come into my life.
    Prayers for those who have been seriously ill, with little room for improvement, have so miraculously taken steps, that Dr’s. did not envision. A toxic relationship, for someone dear ended, after many years. I prayed for a special person to enter his life, and this too has come to fruitation. In the challenge given, by Bruce, to tell those I prayed for,
    I was met with thanks. surprise and a request to include others, ‘they’ thought needed more prayers, than self! ….I included myself, late, and so, await my own guidance, and answers. …. All possible, in learning to trust God, his plan, his timing…….In Hope and belief.
    Thank you, for your induction to all of the above. I continue to grow in prayer, and am grateful, for all those who journey with, and alongside me. We all walk together, support and carry each other. –
    When the journey becomes too heavy, I lift this to God, for myself, for all those who entrust my inclusion in prayer.
    May God bless your ministry and I look forward, to walking with and ‘catcing up’ with you all, wherever our journey takes us.

  17. Linda creedy | | Reply

    Linda. I have been praying for my sister and her husband who has Alzheimer’s. He had started to wander on a very busy road. I ask our lord to help my sister. In a week she was able to have a
    Fence erected around her house and locks on her gates. She has one less thing to worry about. It was a miracle to get a fence tradie so quickly and what a wonderful job he did. Thank you

  18. Shirley Bernard | | Reply

    Thank You Bruce for the last 30 Days of prayer . I have so many in my family and friends that’s dealing with cancer , heart and etc. I have so many I lifted my prayers up to all to Our Lord . I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . Also all your employees . God Bless You All πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™. I”be been doing Lent with you for the last two years and will continue doing so . I don’t think I have to register again or do I ? Thanks Again Bruce ! You have made such an impact in my life and I’m 69 years old .

  19. Antonietta | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for sharing this journey with us. I’ve prayed for people that I don’t usually pray for. I prayed for an erderly friend that I havnt seen for months, hoping that she was doing well as she has a few health problems and we where so close but had to end our friendship due to circumstances, however the next day as I was driving home I saw her waiting for a bus and offered her a lift.. She was doing fine. God is amazing and Bruce thank you for your inspiration… To you, your family and team have a Blessed Christmas and New Year… God Bless You

  20. Valerie | | Reply

    This has been a month of encouraging, insightful and reflective messages and well needed prayers. I have heard of my sister in law’s unexpected changes at work that has proved to be most favorable for her, she was contemplating on leaving. My husband is taking me along to a Christmas party where he is doing volunteer work at Holy Spirit Aged Care. This is encouraging as he is so anti-Catholic, to see him as a volunteer for Catholic Care and working in a Catholic Aged Care facility is a little miracle in itself. I have managed to do 20 hours of volunteer work myself at Scalabrini Village, upping my hours from 8 plus go to choir practice and read at Mass.I feel also I’m making progress with my emotional,psychological issues despite the counselor being away for three weeks. Yes the Lord is answering prayers in His way and in His time. I’ve already signed up for Lent and I’m looking forward to it! Thank you Bruce and team! God bless you all and your families. Have a Spirit filled Christmas and a very blessed New Year. Love Valerie.

  21. Connie cachia | | Reply

    As this is the last day of this journey I want to pray for all those people who pray for me for those that know me but most of all for those who pray for me even though they don’t know me. I Thank God for all answered prayers I am sure that a lot of prayers were answered but I know for fact that one prayer was answered through this journey..Thank you Bruce. I will look forward for lent.I wish you and your wife and your family and all those who help you in this ministry a Holy Joyful Christmas and may the New year 2017 bring you joy peace,prosperous and good health and lots of blessings and graces.from Connie and daughter Carmen.

  22. Nicole best | | Reply

    I have come to realize that I need to pray for God’s Will to be done not mine and all will be great…no need to fear…my miracles were my 2 danghters came to mass during this month of prayer.My family have communicated in a better way and I have talked to my 4 children more about Jesus…Thankyou God and Bruce and co for this month of praying for someone you love..May God bless you all…Amen..x

  23. Anna Vlahadamis | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce & team, for helping me pray for people I love , for helping me to grow closer to god . We have received today good news that my sisters eye operation was successful, & they will operate on her other eye in feb doing the same procedure. God is always working & I continue to pray for my brother who has cancer & a lot of other health problems, my family & elderly parents, I have to learn to surrender to gods will not mine. I pray for you & your team that you all continue this wonderful work to make a better difference in our lives & draw us all closer to god our creator- thank you god bless you all & I wish you & your loved ones a very holy Christmas xo

  24. Trish | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce for this amazing journey! Look forward to your next series! May the New Year bring you health, peace and prosperity as you continue this beautiful ministry. I have seen God work in my life through the beginning healing of my brother Steve as he is battling nicotine addiction and has been cigarette free the last 21 days. He still has a long road ahead of him with many other physical ailments so please pray for him too! God Bless!

  25. Wendy | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and to your team for another wonderful inspiring series.May God bless you all.Wishing you ,your family and your team a Blessed and Holy Christmas and all God’s blessing in the New Year.

  26. Di | | Reply

    15 months ago I struggled to believe that some circumstances in my husband’s family could ever be resolved so they were among my list for 2015 Pray For Someone You Love. Before the end of the year I thought this was a useless exercise because my prayers were not being answered the way I wanted!!!! Then I stood back and realised some issues had been resolved and thank the Lord (and Pray For Someone You Love) for that. After 2016 Pray For Someone You Love there is a glimmer of hope that another hurdle will be resolved. I am confident the issue will be resolved in God’s time and besides praying for the family I pray for the patience and wisdom if I am to be an instument in the healing.

  27. Cheryl | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and bless you with the joys of Christmas. These prayers have given me strength to do what I have to do without complaining and with love.

  28. Mary | | Reply

    I have thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to your messages each day as I prayed for people that I love. I did tell my son – as you’d suggested at the beginning- that I’d be praying for him and his wife especially this month. He was surprised and thanked me! I don’t know if I’ll know this side of heaven if those prayers had the desired effect, but I DO see a softening of hearts. I noticed a change in ME this month which surprised me! I am more content, peaceful and grateful! I always ask God to change THEIR hearts; I am thankful that he changed mine. Looking forward to your emails again in Lent. God bless you always!

  29. Tebogo | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and team. I didn’t think I had it me, but I found myself getting deeper in prayer for the people on my list as well as myself. Before this I would just pray the Lord’s prayer, but now I can get in conversation with the Father, be grateful and ask for help. I may have not seen the change in my loved ones, but I know it’s coming. Merry Christmas to you all!

  30. Janet | | Reply

    I was praying for my two sons and their spouses and families. One of our son’s wives was expecting a baby (who I was also praying for). God knew this child before we did! What an awesome thought. We were with them for the Thanksgiving weekend. And, early on Sunday morning, our new grandson was born at home with the assistance of a midwife! He’s healthy, big and beautiful and his older brother and two sisters were just so excited to finally see him. What a wonderful answer to prayer!

  31. Theresa Annie | | Reply

    What an amazing and remarkable journey of prayer….

  32. Cedric Auwardt | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. You are doing a wonderful job. God Bless you. Cedric

  33. MarieN | | Reply

    Please pray for John who finds himself in a difficult situation and is in need of Divine intervention and lots of prayers to get his life back on track.

  34. Bernie | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce for your gift of the last 30 days. It’s meant a lot to me and those around me. Your ministry provides a bridge for my faith, helping me connect with God whilst being otherwise disenchanted with conventional church. Looking forward to the Lenten program. God bless. Bernie.

  35. Marea Capell | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your team for your work. I pray that you have a happy Christmas and a New Year where people are kinder to one another in the spirit of our month of praying for someone we love.

  36. June Cumming | | Reply

    I passed your website onto ladies in my Bible study group and yesterday with great enthusiasm your prayer time for ” Personal ” was passed on through the group . Great inspiration ! May you and your family and team be blessed in many ways over this Christmas season.

  37. Shirley | | Reply

    Wow Bruce. A door has opened, and I don’t know how to help. Lady at church asked for prayer . I told her I’d prayer for them. ( this lady only speaks Spanish) I do not speak Spanish. So I referred her to a priest across the river (Ohio) he is no longer there. I brought our priest in. He doesn’t speak Spanish. So we talk with her oldest daughter. And go back and forth. She wants to go to confession. Her husband has left her and her children. For another woman.
    I do not know how to get a priest to come to our area. So this lady can go to confession Help me figure this drama out. Please

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