Bonus – Pray For Someone You Love 2016

Welcome to a bonus video for the Pray For Someone You Love Series for 2016.



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 Bonus – Pray For Someone You Love 2016


  1. William Hanson | | Reply

    It occurs to me that there is a similarity between what you(we)have been doing and our Cursillo/Palanca program. Would you agree?
    May our Lord richly bless you and your team/family.
    Wm. T. Hanson

    • Di Franks | | Reply

      Yes William it is very much like Palanca that happens in Cursillo and Kairos. Des colores Di

  2. Coleen Saunders | | Reply

    Thankyou and many Blessings toyou yr family and staff for spreading Gods word

  3. Owen | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, Do you have an App for Catholic Guy Live TV?

    • Rita Lewis | | Reply

      If available, an App link would be appreciated. Thank you.

      • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

        Hi Rita,

        We don’t have an app that is on the app store, however you can view this on your mobile anyway. You can access the link by CLICKING HERE.

  4. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, and a warm welcome back!
    Your invitation to include us in your ongoing talks/ministry is a wonderful idea, that will continue to strengthen and deepen our faith.
    I have had some difficulty in joining the link… (The ones I have accessed, appear to be incorrect).
    Could your team please forward the link,
    that will allow me to register my interest,
    in the weekly live talks.
    With thanks, Rita

  5. Deanna Francke | | Reply

    Thanks for the invitation Bruce. I will definitely be joining you weekly. God Bless you all Deanna

  6. Steve | | Reply

    Hi Bruce, loved the journey with you and all the others during November. My prayers were answered maybe not how I thought they would be but nevertheless they were answered.

  7. Elaine Miller | | Reply

    I would like to join you in your link. Can’t seem to be able, would you please send a link so i can. Yhankscforvall that you do

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      You can access the link by CLICKING HERE.

  8. STEPH SARMIENTO | | Reply

    God bless you and to all the people who makes TheCatholicGuy possible.

    • Scott Gee - Admin | | Reply

      You can access the link by CLICKING HERE.

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