God Looks After Us All Of The Time


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God looks after us ALL the time, even when it doesn’t look or feel like it!

The ability HE has is endless and so possible. Cry out to Him, pray to Him and trust in Him. Don’t get blinded by the seemingly reality of ‘it won’t happen’. We are stuck in this hard place and can’t get out. I have often felt like this and the period of hardship has pressed on from all sides and at every turn for a few years; it reminds me how good God is and He is in control. He has the perfect plan which I see with different eyes and values. God gives me the courage and strength to continue and wait on Him.   

Remember to wait on Him, His help surely comes. He will not delay, He is the creator of all time. A clock is manmade time; it is not God’s time. God can change, evolve, develop anything He wants to. I often in reading scripture am reminded of God’s faithfulness and why I can trust in Him completely/totally, without restraint. How wonderful He is! Beautiful is his name. King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He reigns!

It is all about Him. He is who we are attracted to. It has nothing to do with us and our attractiveness, organisation, planning etc. If we have been touched by Him, it is He in us that people are attracted to.

At the beginning of a faith journey people are not sure about what attracts them, they are seeking God, seeking truth, seeking answers and seeking hope.

We the church need to be:
We need a church unafraid to go forth into the night.
We need a church capable of meeting them on their way.
We need a church capable of entering into their conversation.
We need a church able to dialogue with those disciples who have left Jerusalem behind. Imagine on the road to Emmaus, a feeling of hopelessness, wandering aimlessly, alone, with their own disappointment, disillusioned with a Christianity now considered barren, fruitless soil, incapable of generating meaning.
We need a church capable of walking at people’s sides. Doing more than simply listening to them, a church that accompanies them on their journey. A church capable of making sense of the ‘night’ of the flight. So many of our brother and sisters from Jerusalem are a church that realises why people leave.
We need to know how to interpret, with courage, the bigger picture.
We need a church that kindles hearts and warms them. 

At the base of the cross, we truly approach the height of love. The attractiveness is Jesus, who died on the cross for us, sinless but willing to take all our sins on his shoulders and to save us. 

How important it is to pass on a legacy and this legacy for us is Christ. It can only be Him!

 God Looks After Us All Of The Time


  1. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    Thank you Rosemary.
    I am reminded; God has a plan, for each and all. – In his way, in his timing.
    Especially at this time, when I ponder, anxious for answers, …’what to do, expect, how to proceed.’ …..
    I remind myself, patience, timing and belief in all that was, is and what is to come. I trust and believe, that he knows best, I unburden my concerns, and uncertainty, to him.
    I trust in the lessons learnt, to come,
    that I will proceed, in his timing. according to his direction.
    I am where I am meant to be.
    I will go to where I am needed.

  2. Leonie Cornell | | Reply

    Thank you so much for this reflection. It is timely. As we approach Christmas, there are those in my life who are are grieving or worried or both. I need to reminded daily to continue surrendering, and amidst so much materialism of Christmas to remember our funds are not important. Worshiping and remembering our God and celebrating His coming to Earth is. Funny, I was part of a conversation on Saturday night, where a church friend was saying she had been looking at a set of Christmas cards wondering if they were too out there to send. A guy next to her who admitted he was a minister said this was his Second Christmas of deciding if to choose this particular set of cards and this year he had the courage to do it.

    What was the question about these cards? They said boldly across the front of the card, over a picture of Jesus. Christmas, Its all about me. How true that is and how often we see instead others saying that about themselves and wondering why they are still unhappy and unfulfilled. Blessings to you Bruce and Rosemary and all your family . Thanks for sharing yourselves so unselfishly this year and being the hands, eyes, voice of God for so many of us. And Blessings also to each one who who went on the Pray for Someone you Love journey.

  3. John Hall | | Reply

    Thank you Rosemary, for your sharing. I often think of the two Apostles walking the road to Emmaus, and meeting with the Lord Jesus. How they didn’t recognize Him at first, and how we often miss seeing Him in others that are suffering. How we too, long for our eyes to be opened to Holy Scripture and see a little more than we do.
    Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings and the Master of my life. All love praise and thanks giving to our awesome God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

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