1. Gillian Annwn | | Reply

    This is food for my soul. It is affirming some of the things in my life and suggesting directions as well. I hope to be able to follow the rest of the sessions.

  2. Rita Lewis | | Reply

    As you described the miracles we seek individually, personally or for those, for whom we pray, it dawned on me;
    I need so many miracles in my life!

    Then I ask myself, ‘where have I prepared, searched,? –
    Have I truly helped myself ‘claim’ or recognise those miracles, sent.
    How many opportunities, (miracles),
    have I missed, based on hope, rather than courage and determination.
    How many have been sent, and gone unnoticed/ unreceived, or counted as blessings. (Miracles).
    God helps those who help themselves. – They invite him to intercede,
    They look for, recognise and seek his presence. – In doing so, receive their miracle.

  3. Rita | | Reply

    I invite God to intercede.
    I will seek, recognise and accept his presence.
    I trust and accept God’s plan,
    in his time, in his way.
    I pray for courage, belief and motivation,
    of self.
    With God’s help, all is possible.

  4. Pat | | Reply

    Finally got to view this bonus message. It is so powerful. Bruce, I hope to see more of this message. Thank you.

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