So who and what is The Catholic Guy?

It all began one October night in 1972. I was a teenager and a Catholic Priest invited me to a night of prayer. Everyone was much older than me but there was something about the meeting that got my attention. Over time, through the sharing of this priest and other people, I was introduced to a relationship with God that was so real and personal that now nearly 40 years later I still remember that time as life changing.

From those days I knew that my life’s call was to introduce others to what I had found in the Church. It has been my conviction since those early days that God was and is real and does not need to remain hidden or distant from people. My wife Rosemary has also been captivated by this call and has served with me in this over the past 30 years.

Over the years through many different activities, experiences, opportunities and hard work I have been trying to live out this calling. Sometimes I have done it well and other times I have wondered why God would choose a person who was so faulted and frail.  Surely God could have chosen others who are so much more capable and even spiritual than me but I have not felt God abandon me or take from me the passion in my heart to tell others of Him.

Through experimentation and trial, study, success and failure I have tried to live this calling out by ‘Proclaiming’ God to those who I “Reach.’

I have always believed God has led me to invite other people to join me in this and so most of my life I have gathered people who share this calling.

Much of what I have done and am credited success with over the years was really done with the use of the gifts and talents of many people who are passionate about sharing their faith also. I would have achieved very little without the effort of so many people who so often have silently served and worked tirelessly while I have been given the credit for their hard work, sacrifice and commitment.

This is what The Catholic Guy Ministry is.

The Catholic Guy Ministry is people who are passionate about finding ways to reach people and proclaim God to them so that their lives would be changed by God’s personal love for them.

We are evangelists. We proclaim Christ crucified and risen for people.

We are committed to a certain set of values that include communicating the Truth as Catholic people and being modern and contemporary in our communication methods. We value excellence and fun while creating community among those we work and serve with while being passionate about our faith and mission.

People who serve in the Catholic Guy Ministry live in parishes, serve in other Catholic ministries, belong to various Catholic communities as well as some people belonging to the Catholic Guy Community.

We are held together by the call to ‘Reach’ and ‘Proclaim’ Christ to people and by our common values. This started all those years ago when I was just a teenage boy.

The truth however is that this is not my call or our call but rather is the commission of Jesus to all Christian people. It is just our time in history to respond wholeheartedly.






Bruce Downes