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In the Beginning


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Did you know God made you? He did! And He made you AMAZING!

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September 6th September 13th September 20th September 27th

Leader Notes

Ever wondered why we repeat the same episode for 4-5 weeks in a row? It’s because engaged kids learn best from repetition. Notice the word engaged—that means kids who are interacting with the video, responding to it, and telling you (or each other) what they’re seeing.

For kids to be engaged, we have to model what appropriate engagement looks like. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Answer the questions the video asks.
  • Respond to the video’s cues.
  • Use your face and body to show excitement and interest.
  • Praise kids who are engaged.
  • Be prepared. Watch the video ahead of time, and check out the Order of Experience. It includes a breakdown of the entire video, and what you can do to build engagement for each segment. There’s a link to both below.

Support Resources

Click on the link below to watch videos, download leader guides, and prepare for you Kids’ Day Out experience.

Worship Moves: Song

Worship Moves: Song

Mr. Music’s Song: God Made Me

Guy the Bible Guy’s Verse Motions: Psalm 139:14

Order of Experience: What to do, when

Quick Look: Which Prop Talk to prepare for, how long to play, and run time for Movie & Music

Prop Talk Leader Guide: What to do for each Prop Talk

Picture Pass Leader Guide: How to lead Picture Pass review time

Small Group Leader Guide: How to lead your small group

Story Cards: Story cards for small group time

Message Video

This Month’s Episode: In the Beginning

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