1. Mari-Anne Ward | | Reply

    Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I continue to enjoy your “Catholic Guy” emails and I initiatives.
    I look forward to “doing” Lent with you!
    Love and Blessings

  2. Wendy Whiteman | | Reply

    I’m going away for 24 day s on 21st February but I would still like to receive the messages.
    Wendy Whiteman

  3. Margaret | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce and your family for the words and blessings you provide in the name of Jesus Christ. We find your words are a uplifting and positive, giving one a sense of faith and hope.

    Keep up your wonderful ways God Bless You

    Allan & Margaret Johnson
    All Saints Shellharbour NSW

  4. Norma Harrison | | Reply

    Thank you I am looking forward to receiving the emails during Lent

  5. Barbara | | Reply

    thank you! God bless you! :o) regards

  6. Marie-Therese Stephen | | Reply

    I would like to register and walk in the catholic faith for lent

  7. Leoni Kelly | | Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity, Good Guy.
    I am looking forward to it. I am one who needs a prod.

  8. christine | | Reply

    Please pray for my family during lent.

  9. jean | | Reply

    Thank you Bruce, God bless you in your service for Him

  10. Connie Laezza | | Reply

    Thanks Catholic Guy!

  11. Maria | | Reply

    Can’t remember being this excited about Lent before. So looking forward to your messages. Thank you and may the Trinity continue to work through you and, in turn, work through us.
    Best wishes

  12. Lisa | | Reply

    I am excited to be sharing Lent this year with others. Thank you to The Catholic Guy for bringing this wonderful opportunity to so many.

  13. Made leine Pierre | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. I am looking forward to these precious daily meditations and prayers which will uplift me and my fellow brothers during the Lenten Season. May The Holy Spirit help you in this wonderful task! God bless you and your family!

  14. Denise | | Reply

    Looking forward to the experience of doing Lent with you Bruce .

  15. keith hillier | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce & family. Rosie & I looking forward to being involved with your lent program, & thanks for sending emails in the past.
    God bless you in all your work.

  16. Peter Hanlon | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, and Dominus Vobiscum as we used to say.

    In a way, you are preaching to the converted. What are we going to do for our children and their children for whom Christianity and Catholicism is just a thing that grandma and grandpa do?


  17. Cynthia Cook | | Reply

    Thank you so much for offering this blessing to others. I was not raised in a Catholic church but most of my dearest friends have always been Catholics. My concept of Lent was sacrificial only. I am looking forward to receiving your messages.

  18. Mary Jacob | | Reply

    Thank you so much Bruce. I am so glad that I have given the opportunity to do this lent with you. I know God has chosen you to do this wonder full work. I pray more and more people turn to God and make this world a beautifull place.

  19. Simon | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, you’re a wonderful gift from God to the universal Church especially the church in Australia. May God bless the Ministry of The Catholic Guy.

  20. Brendan | | Reply

    This is a great initiative, Bruce. Wouldn’t it be great if The Pope did this as well.

  21. ronalyne stephemson | | Reply

    please for pray for my family,. god bless

  22. marea | | Reply

    Thankyou for the walk through lent programme

  23. marea | | Reply

    Thanks for the programme.

  24. Maria Mayo | | Reply

    Wonderful idea, look forward to taking part. Very positive way to understand the real meaning.

  25. lidvina pereira | | Reply

    would like to involved in this programme

  26. Heather Neave | | Reply

    Hi Bruce I live in South Africa and received your video from a friend in Australia. What an awesome privilege to be able to walk this Lentern Journey with you. God Bless Heather Neave SA

  27. Vivienne Than | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce. I love following all your teachings and readings. I am indeed grateful to you and also praise the Lord for this opportunity to walk this lent with all of you. God Bless always.

  28. Anwaar Abosh | | Reply

    Thanks Bruce, you’re a gift from God to the the Church in Australia.
    May The Lord bless you and your team in the Ministry of The Catholic Guy.

  29. Maureen | | Reply

    Alan and I would love to join you through the journey of lent.Thank you God bless

  30. Margaret Chisanga | | Reply

    Thank you so much Catholic Guy for the Lenten Prayers and Teachings. I will surely continue listening to them even after Lent is over. May God Bless you and your Family!!!

  31. Angelo Cagna | | Reply

    please email me your daily spiritual food

  32. Josie Titterington | | Reply

    Just saw this video today sent from my friend. It’s a big help for me, to have this spiritual food. thank you very much for sharing this. more Power & Godbless.

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