Music touches hearts, changes lives and ushers people into the presence of God.

Music expresses what we value.

It touches our minds and hearts in ways that the spoken word will never do. It causes us to believe that greater possibilities are achievable in life. It brings a tone to life that soothes the hurting, motivates those wanting to achieve and rejoices with those who are celebrating?

For these reasons music is an important component in experiencing God’s presence in our lives. It can honour God, bring our needs before God and cause us to surrender our lives to God in ways no other means can.

Our goal is to produce music that does all this. May you be blessed by the artists in The Catholic Guy Ministry who do not seek to just entertain but rather bring you into the presence of God.


  1. Marge | | Reply

    Love the idea of the music! It really sets the mood. Am enjoying these 40days with you. God bless youalways.

  2. Tes | | Reply

    Beautiful song that echoes the heart of our loving Father. Music is so powerful and its a blessing to accompany these Lenten reflections. I have been so blessed already.
    Thank you and God bless

  3. Lupita Venegas | | Reply

    I love the music it will really with my journey through Lent

  4. Lupita Venegas | | Reply

    I love the music it will really help with my journey through Lent.Thank you and God bless you.

  5. Frankie van den Hoek | | Reply

    Thank you for the very real and touching our hearts Lent messages and the beautiful song Can you buy the cd anywhere?

  6. Angie | | Reply

    The music was very touching and devotional. Thank you for the past seven days of devotion, I feel I am participating in this Lenten season with your guidance .

  7. Mary fonlon | | Reply

    This music is leading me in my Lenten walk with u. God bless u.

  8. anita | | Reply

    Soulful! All glory to God.

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