Here are some answers to common questions we encounter when people ask about the relationship between Impact Centres, Priests and Parishes.

  1. What is The Catholic Guy?

We are a ministry or a group of people, approved by the Catholic Church, to reach people who do not connect with the Church in modern ways.

We like to say, “It’s Church Done Differently.”


  1. What do you actually do?

We conduct weekly meetings, programs, conferences and activities that explain God and the Church in every day language to people not connected with Church or for people who seek more in their spiritual life.

We endeavour to meet the needs of people directly or by connecting them to organisations and people who can.


  1. Who can attend and what age do people have to be?

Some of our activities are open to all while others cater to specific groups of people eg. children, elderly, leaders.


  1. Will the The Catholic Guy Impact Centres undermine Sunday Mass numbers?

No as the The Catholic Guy Impact Centres will target the 89.4% of non church attenders. The plan is that people who did not attend Mass but are reached through the ministry of The Catholic Guy Impact Communities (TCGIC) will in time commence attending weekly Mass in their parish.

TCGIC will work with parishes to promote attendance at Mass and participate in parishes.

 As committed Catholics the TCGIC Team will attend Mass in their parish as their first priority each weekend in addition to any other commitments they have with TCGIC.


  1. Will it affect collections? Will parishioners be hit with appeals?

No it will not affect collections in the parishes as collections will be taken at TCGIC meetings and not at any Sunday Mass.

 There are no plans for appeals to be made in parishes for money.

 People will be reminded that their financial commitment is to their parish before TCGIC when collections are taken. This has been a long time practice of TCGIC.

 Parishes should in time receive additional income from non-church attenders commencing back in their parishes.


  1. Will it undermine the parish youth group?

There is no easy answer to this question. There are very few parish youth groups at present in Australia. They mostly number under 10-15 young people, although there are some exceptions. If TCGIC is successful it will evangelise many young people who will then have their parish as their sacramental home. As more young people are reached, our hope is that more of them will attend Mass in their parish on weekends. With only 2%-5% of young people attending Mass in Australia at present we need to try new ways of reaching out to them.


  1. Will it affect the relationship between the parish and school, given that kids will identity with The Catholic Guy Impact Centres rather than the local parish?

A committed member of the parish will remain a committed member of their parish and will use the activities of theThe Catholic Guy Impact Centres as a supplement to their Catholic life.

 A person who comes to a The Catholic Guy Impact Centres and is not involved in the parish will be pointed back toward their parish through the activities and talks at The Catholic Guy Impact Centres.


  1. Will it set up a dichotomy between “fun Church” and “boring Church”?

The Catholic Guy Impact Centres (TCGIC) will unapologetically use an ‘attractional model’ of church to reach the 89.4% of non-church attenders. As there is a partnership between the parish and TCGIC this will not be a conflict as the TCGIC might be the front door but the parish will supply the ‘meal.’


  1. Will parents be torn between The Catholic Guy Impact Centre and local parish?

The TCG Impact Centres will not target committed parish people and if they do attend they will be connected back to parish through the teaching and structures of the TCG Impact Centres.


  1. What is the role of priests to this ministry?

Our hope is that priests would attend the services and activities of The Catholic Guy Impact Centres as frequently as possible.

The role of priests at The Catholic Guy will be to:

– Be the presence of Jesus to the disconnected
– Minister to the evangelisers
– Minister the Sacraments in their parishes to those who are reconnected to the Church through the work and ministry of The Catholic Guy Impact Centres.