STEPS is the Formation for Life Process of The Catholic Guy Impact Centres. These steps are designed to enable you to discover and develop greater maturity in your Christian life and equip you for rewarding involvement in the life of the Church. It is our desire that through these STEPS you will find success and fulfilment in all areas of your life and also find your place in this Church Community where you can grow and enjoy life.


STEP 101 – All About Christ

This is a first look at who Jesus is and how He can impact our lives. The course covers the basics of the message of Christ. If you are interested in investigating the Christian faith for the first time or you are looking to rediscover the foundation of faith this course is for you.


STEP 201 – All About Church Community

The Christian life is never lived alone, we have been designed to support one another. Church is that gathering of people who walk with us as we grow in faith. This STEP focuses on The Catholic Guy Impact Centres as family. Here you will find out about the Statements, Strategies and Structures of The Catholic Guy Impact Centres.


STEP 301 – All About my Character

Personal growth occurs when we make a deliberate and informed decision to put certain practices into action. This discipleship STEP examines some of the key practices of the Christian life. You will learn practical, everyday ways to grow in maturity in your faith.


STEP 401 – All About my Capacity

You have been gifted in unique ways. This STEP will take you through a process of self discovery as you identify your unique gifts and abilities, dreams and desires, temperament and personality. Finding your gifts allows you to better understand your place in the community of faith.